The stiffness may rapidly pass from one limb to another, and it has been observed that a trek animal will pull up lame in one limb and move off lame in another. It stains with watery solutions of the aniline dyes, especially those which contain a mordant such as Loffler's alkaline methylene-blue, Kuhne's blue, carbol fuchsin or carbol thionin, but not by Gram's method. B' A Text-book of the Diseases of Women. The conditions presented by this case are those of advanced carcinoma. If all is carefully done, there will never be any change in the plate afterwards.

The neck often hangs limp or bent to one side. It has been shown that all the physiological factors occurring in the adult stomach are present in the infant, but in weaker form. Armstrong advises depletion of a decided character early in this disease; and renounces entirely the stimulating plan formerly practised: at its first onset this may be proper; but we think that the bleeding had better be taken from the head and neck, the parts likely to suffer from the febrile nisus, and thus its strength may be overcome, without debilitating the whole system by a copious general evacuation, which will affect little the parts most likely to suffer, and if the diathesis is typhous, there will be less danger of incurable prostration. Give plenty of time for the animal to swallow.

If the bruise is allowed to remain without being treated it commences to fester and the symptoms are more severe. As so intimately connected with the nervous system that in considering heart strain he could not clearly differentiate the muscular and nervous symptoms. He responded to the call of the impoverished as readily as to the wealthy aud accumulated a larger share of doubtful debts, through his kindness of heart, than usually falls to the lot of the country doctor. This may be due to circulatory disturbances in the brain, such as venous congestion, or as the result of various narcotic poisons. In Spain it is very rare, and it is by no means common in Germany. The experience of the army fully warrants this principle of pathology. Another simple fact is that by no substance in the world can you reach and destroy germs which have penetrated beneath the surface, without also destroying the surface tissues. He states that he has given one-seventy-fifth of a grain two or three times a day, by the mouth, for long periods, Avithout noting any bad effects.


At all events, the patient made a good recovery in four weeks' time.

During the existence of these paroxysms, the coolness and numbness of the skin, the lividness of the extremities, the feebleness of the pulse, and the indications of distress in the countenance, were much augmented. In any case high temperature is not so invariable as in the domestic animals suspected to have died of anthrax no general post-mortem examination should be made owing to the danger of contaminating the soil by spilling blood in which the bacUli are present in large numbers.

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