Human blood, taken into the system from another, is thought to strengthen it. These tumors are united at their bases by sinuses in the It may be reckoned as a third stage of the disease when the vein feels hard under the skin, and the abscesses discharge a dark, impure and dull and stupid; then at last the inflammation extends to the brain, and a madness similar in violence and fatal effects to the rabies may supervene.

The two ends nlaced beneath the The pain of this operation, at first very severe, began to decline in immediate eftects were sligiit swelling; and deepened colour of the the head, and some slight paroxysms of delirium on the fifth day.

Poultices made of it will cure sprains; fomenting with it will remove swellings; applications made of it will cure chafes made l)y saddle and harness; and and expense of sending to doctors and farriers on trifling occasions. Of the two forms of enlargement of the heart, dilatation is the form to be dreaded. ;" Tratamento medico del Vomito negro," by Segundo Bellver Mateo, of Havana, Cuba;" The Principles of Immunity and Cure of the Infectious Diseases," by Victor C. The cord is held by an assistant, and serves as a guide. This energy is passed through a flame (usually acetylene) in which the sample is vaporized and then through a grating monochromator where the desired wave length is isolated from adjacent elemental emission lines. In the female: To avoid continuous stimulation of breast and In the male: A careful check should be made on the status of the prostate gland when therapy is given for protracted the central point of contact for New Jersey physicians and hospitals. Much disappointment has been occasioned by the news, published in our columns last week, of the postponement of the International Medical Congress. (A) Adequate safeguards must be provided for the welfare, safety, and comfort of the subject. In Rilliet and Barthez's adult case death occurred before the abscess was fully formed. It was a question of relation between individual susceptibility at the time and dose of the virus If Dr. Other means have also been practised for preventing putrefaction. Until comparatively recent years this disease, like scarlet fever, measles, diphtheria, yellow has exercised a rigid supervision over these diseases and treated the cases, demanding hospital care, in the Municipal Hospital of disease was brought into the port of New York among immigrants and thence to Philadelphia. ;" The Value of Rest as a Therapeutic Agent in Chronic Pulmonary Tuberculosis," by Karl von Ruck, of Asheville, N. One of these was applied to the inflamed lid, or to the temple in the immediate vicinity of the eye; the former situation was, however, generally preferred. It must be remembered, too, that both the city and country were comparatively of no larger dimensions, the former containing about twenty-five thousand inhabitants, and the latter less than three millions. Model of an incubator, the cost of which would not exceed five dollars. Jubal, the son of Lamech, who lived in the lifetime of Adam, is recorded as being"the father of Noah certainly had cattle, and wherever the sons of Noah migrated, they carried cattle with them. Indeed, his mind was marvelously practical, inventive, many-sided and rich in resources.

Formulary of New Remedies, lOl In Australia the plant has been recognized as noxious to animals which die in from one to seven days after partaking South America which has been introduced, undoubtedly by accident, into Egypt, where it has spread and, like a weed, invaded all the land. Geigy Pharmaceuticals cordially invites members and guests of the Society to visit its exhibit.

Patients may be removed lung dii tances with comfort and safety upon a frame. Operative treatment, tenotomy, myotomy, tenotomes, breaking up of bony or fibrous anchylosis, anaesthetics. The foreign physicians, and in particular the Germans, went even further, and contemplated tortures by forcing illusions j for instance, suggesting a means of drawing the lunatic up to the top of a high tower, and plunging him dowrn suddenly, as he would suppose, to a deep cavern, which was to be all the better if it could be fitted with serpents; and again expatiating upon the advantage to be derived from walking a patient across a room, and making him suddenly tumble into a cistern in which he would be nearly drowned. Tucker, of Danville, read a paper on" The Relations of:he Urine to Diseases of the Skin." Much information of a useful and interesting character was presented by the writer in the paper on a subject which has been hitherto too much neglected by the general practitioner. Dift'erent diseases are presented at the same time, so that the symptoms which characterize them may be compared together, and their points of difference or resemblance may be clearly indicated.


When the nail is simply thickened or lengthened the redundant portion can be removed by means of the knife, scissors, cutting-pliers or saw.