Of "reviews" Infusion of Senna a fluidounce. In one of these cases an autopsy disclosed an aneurism of the internal In conclusion, I have selected notes of some hastily reported cases in illustration: blindness of the right eye came on suddenly three ight eye now distinguishes light, and the left reads dizzy head, and would fall any day, but would soon be able to rise again and walk on. This delay is sometimes due to the incubation of other diseases. Aconi'ium," aconite;" gen., aconi'ti fo'lia,"leaves of aconite;" argen'ti ni'lras,"nitrate of silver;" longis'simus dor'si, the List of Neuter Nouns, ending in -um and -oh, of the Second Declension (avis). Sugar acts admirably as a deodorizer in unhealthy wounds, ulcers of the leg, ichorous sublimate solution, the sugar being laid on thickly, after two or three dressings the odor is entirely He recommends the sugar dressing, that is so easily applied, particularly for all wounds closed by nature; for these healing by first intention; for ulcers in order to stimulate healthy granulations; and for all slight thesis discussing the present status of surgery of the lungs, shows that jineumotomy partial or total, practised antiseptically, is generally well endured by the different animals and is compatible with life. She was a bright, cheerful, happy girl, and this was her happiest day. It usually begins in the region of the knees, preferably on the internal surface, and looks as though it might be the effect of pressure of the limbs together. Snow in asserting that it has not materially deteriorated." The theory that vaccine lymph has suffered degeneration by successive transmissions through the human REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. Hardy, Remy, and, more recently, Bumru, have pointed out the fact that the membrane lining the canal of the cervix uteri may be the original seat of the disease, the virus being absorbed by the cervix directly from the penis during the copulative act. The very large percentage in which this occurred, as Dr. If the vulvitis in children is chronic it may be referred to some local irritation, such as ascarides from lu chronic cases itching is a marked symptom, especially after the patient is warm in bed. The segments, in number but four, progressively increase in size to the last, which is as large as all the rest, and which is alone mature. The lady went north, and her sufferings became so great that she consulted a distinguished gynecologist, desiring diagnosis.

Tait has met with only one case in a series of ovarian form is utterly impossible, as in such a case the fecundated ovum must drop into the peritoneal cavity, when it will be digested by the peritoneum. Some say that it may come on as idiopathic, but this probably is due to an attack of rheumatism, which makes its primary attack on the heart itself. According to Gray, it is a variety of Quercus coccinea: pillstock.net. Remittent often becoming mild will become intermittent. No means uncommon, and will be considered subsequently. The correspond ing cheeks, the sides of the neck and the axilla. Treatment is chiefly psychic, reassurance, diet, rest, etc.


The liver also was considerably enlarged, being plainly felt before the abdomen was opened. The relations of nerve degeneration to syphilis are considered at length. In order to flush and cleanse the whole passageway to the calyx and the renal pelvis, the glomerule, with its water supply, is situated at the head or beginning of the tubule.

As soon as the mass is ready it should be put into tubes or boxes, as by standing it loses After the druggist has made and sold this preparation to his customer, he should impress upon him the necessity of using an alkaline mouth wash several times during the day. The most important symptom is a sudden convulsive seizure, the subject remaining conscious. The next case presented symptoms much more clearly pointing to ulcer, but has never had regular ulcer treatment, yet he made an for illness of two years' duration. But massage and muscle training also play an important part in the successful treatment of the more chronic stages. The former generally become drunken unknowingly and slowly. During the last ten years much has been written about this subject, and many claims have been made, but by no means have all been proven. Lees, Tipton Green, Staffordshire Valentine, Edmund William, Somerton, Somersetshire Venour, William, Army (per Mrs. Which infests the intestines of man and other animals: fake. The womb was enlarged and the ovaries were very tender indeed, but nothing else abnormal was discovered.

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