It is necessary as well to have a dentifrice free from grit, such as cuttlefish bone or other injurious substances, which may destroy the enamel of the teeth and be a fruitful cause of decay. They vary in the acuteness of the angle, and the more acute the angle, the greater the tendency to obstruction. Insufflation anesthesia, or the forcing of ether vapor to the lungs through a tracheal tube (Jackson by C. It was with this mighty hammer Thor crushed the head of the Midgard serpent and destroyed the giants. It is often supposed that the fa-cal matter moves continually onwards in its progress through our intestines. Curettes are now made larger and of different sizes and shapes, and some are provided with forks to catch the resected fragments. A battery with large cells gives no greater voltage than a battery with small cells and small elements, while the amperage of the battery depends wholly upon the size of the elements used. Light is transmitted through it in only certain portions, and if an exploratory puncture is made, not infrequently no fluid follows. This is a scientific, up-to-date institution.

But I did not realize, until it was recently pointed out to me by Mr. The appearance of the disease varies with the stage in which it is seen. The contest turned around this point in the early days in the Old World, and likewise in this country. The condition observed is described as commotio of the nervous system. Keen is well known as an accomplished anatomist, a skillful surgeon, an admirable teacher and a man of high personal character. Warbbick, John C, M.D., Formerly Assistant to the Central Nose, Throat, and Ear Hospital; the Central Ophthalmic Hospital; University College Hospital, Gower Street; Brompton Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest, London, England; and Nose and Throat Department of Hospital and Director of Department of Pathology and Bacteriology, Evans Memorial for Clinical Research and Preventive Medicine, Boston. The annual arrival of the" Transactions" will both familiarize him, in the bulk of a single volume, with the best work done by the best workers of his craft, and will spur him on to equally faithful, if less brilliant, work in his own chosen sphere. The suprarenal capsules were presented no lesions.

The book is intensely interesting and must receive a large patronage from intelligent and industrious physicians.

But as a whole the results seemed very uncertain, and despite the optimistic conjectures indulged in, the future of serum treatment The experiments of Gilbert, Roger, and Cadiot were commenced animals previously regarded as refractory to tuberculosis, among others the goat and dog, were in reality moderately sensitive to it; but, struck by the resistance of the Gallinacess to mammalian tuberculosis, these observers studied the action produced by the defibrinated blood and serum of birds on its evolution. Pills.ro - in my experience it is the puny infant, in the first four months of its life, that does best on properly diluted condensed milk, where breast feeding has to be dispensed with either The imperfectly developed babj' is usually born with a gastrointestinal apparatus of feeble digestive power, and when artificial feeding has to be resorted to, either on account of the poor physical conditions of the mother or for other causes, it is frequently imable to digest and assimilate even properly prepared cow's milk. Elastic tissue fibres from the lung, single or in groups, showing the characteristic wavy or curled appearance, are frequently found, more especially in the later stages. The whole art of medicine is in observation, as the old motto goes, but to educate the eye to see, the ear to hear and the finger to feel takes time, and to make a beginning, to start a man on the right path, is all that we can do.

A hollow organ, if distended, is more vulnerable than if empty.

It is exceedingly difficult to get physicians, and especially those who have not passed through a severe epidemic of it, to realize that epidemic poliomyelitis is a contagious disease. DUTIES OF PHYSICIANS TO THEIR PATIENTS, obey the calls of the sick, but his mind ought also to be imbued with the greatness of his mission, and the responsibility he habitually incurs in its discharge.

For some authors, moreover, the majority of cases of Addison's disease in which the adrenal changes are just beginning-, not yet showing the signs of pericapsular lesions which cause a precocious melanodermia. THE CROSS OF SETH, SON or ADAM. Previous to the operation the husband had exacted a solemn promise that in case the tumor could not be removed safely, the operation should be abandoned, and the abdominal wound closed. He then went to a dispensary where he was treated for nine months and says he was worse when he left than when he began treatmemt.

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