Volkmann, of not resorting at once to a resection in cases of carcinoma of the intestine.

His death is a great loss not only to the medical profession, but to the community at ever presented itself to the British Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons for examination was that of the present year. The additions are treatment of tetanus, acidosis in dial i:tes chylothorax, etiology of aortic incompetency, treatment of asthma, diverticulitis, functional tests of hepatic insufficiency, Gaucher's disease, estimation of renal function, anaphylaxis of food intoxication, the pneumococci infections, focal sepsis, rat-bite fever, febris Wolhynica, and pyorrhea alveolaris. Bartholomew's Hospital, and now consulting obstetrician to the latter institution; and the work of the board is far from light. But while this knowledge was of importance in making clear our conception of the disease, still more knowledge was required to make specific treatment possible. Perhaps the subject will seem drawn out to the practitioner of medicine, but as yet some of the points are not definitely settled, and consequently a whole discussion of all observation is needed in order to decide their significance. Where there had been pain on sexual intercourse, improvement followed the operation. In other words, it contains the fuel supply. Wade said that he inferred that the General Medical Council did not intend him to pass the preliminary examination before he was seventeen years old, for it had lately been suggested that the professional curriculum should be extended from four to five years, and that, therefore, the earliest age at which a diploma should be granted must be raised from twenty-one to twenty-two. If you're doing something as simple as typing on a laptop, you're exerting force on the keyboard, and you end up getting pushed away and floating off.

The cut surface had a very glassy, slightly reddish color, with here and there some darker portions in the lower lobe, suggestive of hypostatic consolidation. All physical exertion requiring effort was In two weeks an entirely different picture was presented.

Perhaps one is not justified in being governed by personal feelings.


The nervous chills that sometimes follow the introduction of the instruments from the vasomotor disturbance may be prevented by the use of sounds prepared in this way with cocaine to anesthetize the urethra and block the passage of the impressions These treatments are to be preceded by irrigations, and repeated daily, every second or third day as the symptoms and reactions indicate.

Tell them emphatically that if they destroy their sputum they are to all intents and purposes incapable of communicating the disease to others. Begin with cool water and lower the temperature daily until it is used as it comes from the faucet or well. This is interpreted as a condition of increased"tolerance" of the kidneys for sugar and not that of"lessened elimination of sugar.

This gas collecting within the muscle sheaths and fascial planes creates a pressure or tension which is followed by anemia and death of the muscle cells. If the above treatment produces no effect upon the jaundice, the presence of a malignant Pilocarpine is a specific for croup and all croupous diseases. The purpose is to hold the patient, that is true but the real object of the card is to tide many over from one pay day to another. He was a Civil War veteran, with the rank of major. The following morning there was some slight improvement in the paralysis, but the vomiting was assuming a dangerous phase, becoming persistent and projectile. As to the number, there is also a diversity of opinion, although the majority believe they are usually multiple. In peripheral paralysis the trifacial filaments in the pituitary membrane are known to be hypoesthetic, but this is not the case in central paralysis. The case is now before the jury.

I firmly believe many children are bom that should not come into the world. Abundant crops are allowed to waste, because transportation is controlled and markets regulated for private profits instead of public weal. His urine contained albumin, and a specialist found tubercle bacilli in the urine from the right kidney. Do not advo THE HERTER LECTURES ON DIABETES. They are of a lobulated or corrugated character, of the color of the adjoining mucosa. On the skin outside the lips vesicles are rarely seen.