Correct in twenty-four hours by mouse Correct in forty-eight hours by broth Change necessary from preliminary to In addition there were seventeen cases of lobar pneumonia in which pneumococci were not found on one examination; the principal other organism found was the streptococcus. If there were half a dozen more in New York, it might successfully compete with its thee-and-thou neighbor. A large number of valuable papers have been read, and elaborate reports of experiments and studies made; among the number an interesting paper on the adulteration of milk. These examinations necessarily will have to be made on board ship, and will require all of the additional commissioned medical officers asked for. The author of this pamphlet offers to the well known report of the Edinburg Committee, the well known objections which may be summed up by saying that experiments on healthy dogs are for practical purposes and, perhaps scientific also, less useful than clinical observation on sick men. What an economical bearing state work may be is illustrated in the State of Massachusetts where by the issuance of antitoxin and than the total appropriation of the department. Puerpura hemorrhagica, one case; normal. This case was discussed by Drs. He then applies the wine of camphor on a gi-aduated compress, which is covered with a dry layer of gauze, and over that a piece of protective not quite reaching the edge of the dry gauze. Expectancy is justifiable as long as the course is not too much prolonged and there is no danger of chronic invalidism; but repeated attacks, too prolonged occlusion of the duct and consequent distention of the gallbladder in case of cystic obstruction, jaundice in case of common duct occlusion that lasts several weeks, or the threatening of the patient with invalidism renders the delay of surgical interference unjustifiable.

When the country takes its place in the catalogue of old nations, some centuries hence, the physicians of those distant times will find in thousands of libraries, the evidences of the industry, philosopical researches and scientific accuracy of the medical men of the present day.

Buck follows, with by far the best and most exhaustive article on the disease of the mastoid process which has ever appeared. Tryginia Stamens, from twelve to nineteen in the Hermaphrodite Flower. In cities, and in such towns as are supplied with water-works and good drains, the use of the water-closet ought to become universal. The tuberculous matter had been deposited underneath the serous coat, forming a hardened base for the ulcerations which took This dissection afforded proof that the perpetual complaints made by the patient of pain and suffering in the abdomen had an organic cause, and were not unreal, as it had been sometimes suspected. Have exceeded those of the corresponding term of last year. Most of the dyspepsias are nothing more than symptoms, like a cough or a sneeze. Here it remains as a foreign substance, unfit for the uses of nourishment, clogging the vessels by its presence, until it is deposited in some part of the bodj', where its unadaptation to the wants of the part, causes it to create irritation and engender disease, until the vita-motive power stimulates the lymphatics to take it up and expel it from the system. To prevent pitting, an all important matter, various methods have been advised, many experiments made, and all with doubtful success. To induce a seek to expel it, yet her tardiness in the recognition and exjjulsion may cost the life of the mother; hence the physician must have at hand some reliable method of recognising the danger, and some prompt, efficient and safe method of emptying the uterus in just such unfortunate circumstances.

The corpus uteri moves through a wide zone, especially on a transverse axis through the isthmus uteri.

It remains for medicine to find suitable means for accomplishing this in man in an effective and satisfactory manner.

Complained also of soreness of mouth. The examinations that I have made of these reports, in reference to infant mortality, first five years of life. Cooperating with the newly organized section will be the United States Public Health Service and the sanitary and training camp divisions of the laboratory investigations. It is thought that a nurse should be paid from the date of engagement, because she is prevented, as a rule, from doing any nursing during the time of waiting.

Glands which were soft, fluctuating, or tender should be incised and drained. Sources of infection are removed from the people and a fewer number of cases occur in the community as proven by statistics city.

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