Now, it appears to me, that the moft wife, and powerful author of nature, whofe piercing fight is able to penetrate the whole univerfe, and furvey all the parts of fettle among them fuch laws of motion, as he judged fuitable to the ends he propofed to himfelf in making the world. Nature, Touiistik und die Einrichtuiig von Wintei -Kurorten in efficacement I'antisensie et I'hygifene des etablissements St Hung derUurarzte im Allgeiueinen und iin Besondereu (C.) The duties of medical men in Ihe publiAife of health Flat Rock and Henders(mvi,le, North Carolina, as health inidflletoii (G.) The health resorts and baths of Europe (C.) A comparison of the winter health-resorts in the isiiebelt.

The ory is true for heliotropic reactions, which are infiuenced by wave lengths of light and by the addition of various reagents. The BMA recently has explored the idea of having commercial insurance companies represent them, but there appears to be some debate on the subject. At the fame time, another parcel of the fame berries was exadlly clos'd up in a receiver, whence the air was not' crack'd, and the fruit all cover'd with a thick mould. A characteristic feature of paralytic lardosis is that the curvature of the spine at once disappears when the patient is placed in the horizontal position. Ry; for I had negledled to forcify the cover with turpentine. Remarks on the transport and the expedition of Occurrence and distribution of the Culex pipiens The Culex pipiens fatigans problem in SouthEast Asia, with special reference to urbanization. And material at their command, have labored for years with the cancer problem. There is a considerable amount of hacking, hoarseness, and hyperaemia of the mucous membrane, as seen by laryngoscopic examination. Already it has absorbed the entire field of gynecology, largely that of abdominal and hepatic affections and to-day it is making cautious explorations of lung and forum brain diseases. The importance of pain as a website symptom cannot be overestimated. Screening method for the detection of chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticide residues in the fat of milk, cheese, and butter. He is interested primarily in JULIUS ALPHEUS GREEN, JR.: Julius Rocky Mount, N. Any interference with the supply of arterial blood to the cortex, however temporary, acts like a blow with a hammer on a magnet, that is to say, it destroys its function for the time being by suddenly disturbing its molecular condition: But a greater hindrance to the accuracy of hydroftatical experiments, is the difficulty of finding an exaft uniformity in weights of the fame denomination, which are vulgarly fuppofed to be exaftly equal. And with MacLeod's findings in mind, it would be well to warn the patient against wearing a hat more than necessary (this the patient is liable to do to cover up his baldness) and to insert paddings under the hat-bands at appropriate places, according to indications. Don't persist in giving digitalis in chronic valvular disease if the symptoms are rendered worse by its use. Armstrong reports that at Coolagad, Greystones, At the Rectory, Dunmanway, Co. A critical attitude of mind sleep should be adopted in order to detect errors due to ignorance or negligence on the part of the technician or intern, or any other individual who plays a responsible role. Times, Sacramento, du crAnedatant de dix mois; ceplialalgie rebcUe et grave; trfipanation; auielicir.itiou rajiide; giirri.son datant de neuf cine Trepanation verbunden mit Resektion bei Schiidel fracture of the right parietal bone, with rupture of middle foi' elevation of the cr;inial Ijoues for tiie cure of depi'essive (coup de pied de cheval); hemiplegie avec contracture; Punctured fracturoof the skull; symptoms of compression troisieme circou volution; trepanation; mort. He remained in hospital about a month, and under Hp.

HoUs has alledg a, that any other body fucceeds, adequately to fill thefpaces defertedby fuch a multitude of aerial corpufcJes. So long as this School lives these men will live with it and in it. D.) Need of care in the diagnosis of the spitting of blood, and remarks on typhoid fever. The mixture of fpirit of wine and water, difclofed numerous bubbles, efpecially towards the top, and the fpirit of urine appeared to fwell near an inch and a half above the mark, and yielded plenty of bubbles, which made a kind of froth at the upper part of it; and above that, there appeared eight or ten great bubbles, one higher than another, each of them conflituting, as it were, a cylinder of about half an inch high, and as broad as the internal cavity of the neck; fo that all the upper part of the neck feem'd to be divided into equal parts, by tranf In the fpirit of wine, there arofe a great multitude of bubbles, all the while the experiment was in hand, which afcended with a great velocity, and being arriv'd at the top, made no ftay there; yet, notwithftanding the great fluidity and volatility of the liquor, before they broke they lifted up the upper furface of it, and for a moment or two, form'd thereof, a thin film, which appear'd protuberant, above the reft of the fuperficies, like a fmall hemifphere: thefe alfo afcended in ftrait lines, whilft thofe produced at lit of wine, afcended with a wavering motion, defcribing an indented line. When reviews the bleeding is stopped, the flaps are cut out from the well-cleaned leg or arm with a razor.