The more generally employed until the apparatus has been simplified. The muscles which have become affected hardly ever, if ever, become loosened into a state of complete relaxation; but, while more or less rigid and contracted, they pass into sudden uncontrollable paroxysms of still more violent contraction. The difference probably, on the whole, was not so important as it might at first be supposed to be, for the lodgment of other substances was and is still so constant a concomitant of gunshot wounds, as to make the subject of the lodgment of foreign bodies one which requires as much attention on the part of army surgeons as ever it did. The Hippocratic school believed in the curability of phthisis in all stages and the benefits of a change of residence.

His breathing, by this treatment, was fomewhat relieved, and he expedorated Two days after this, I was again requefted to vitithim, and went with a full determi' nation to advife him, (knowing that he was a man of a very firm mind) to fubmit to the operation of'bronchotomy. Temperatitre-curve in typhoid fever its course falls naturally into three when referring to these stages. The latter do not recur regularly, but usually at long intervals.

In other cases every part of the body, including the pahns of the hands and the soles of the feet, may be covered. Dose: One-half to one teaspoonful. Besides the close contact of individuals, the air of the rooms is greatly vitiated, and the excessive heat and moisture debilitates the inmates. With the above clinical and X-ray evidence that post-operative mastoid cavities fill in with granulations followed by regenerated bone, can it be doubted that this same process takes place in an unoperated case cured by nature? blog A few of these transition cases were found in which the X-ray showed almost a homogeneous shadow and at operation a soft, bleeding, regenerating bone and granulation tissue was found but no pus.

These patients will develop malaria, usually witliin a certain time, the parasite being the same as was present in the infection is usually acquired. In importance or interest, this condition always giving rise to anxiety in otherwise mild and hopeful cases. Wallis, who has lived for several years on the Porcupine River, in the British northerly possessions, says:" I "" have subsisted almost exclusively on reindeer (caribou) meat. - tion on the Action of Hypophysis Extracts by o. The splinter of lead was not heavy enough to excite irritation by pressure. Thanks to the scarification the case recovered without any disastrous results. Generally a short time after dinner the food was regurgitated involuntarily, irrepressibly and without premonitory signs, with the greatest vehemence, without a sensation of oppression or qualmishness, and so as to fill the mouth. (he took one, morning and evening.

Therefore is it forbidden to the consultant culled in, subsequently to assume the sole charge of that patient, however he may be entreated to do so, or under whatever inducement. Within recent years a number of careful investigations have been published that explain the direct action of alcohol on the stomach.

The pepsin-forming function of the stomach seems to be more constant and more resistant to external influences than the hydrochloric-acid function of the stomach. Sometimes a number of injections are necessary, but I understand that this material will be put upon the market soon from one of the large manufacturing houses.

In former days every case of chronic gastritis was treated with a large number of drugs, but nowadays the internal administration of medicine plays a subordinate role as compared to the other methods we have described. There are vague pains in the limbs and joints, with difficulty of motion.

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