The earliest epidemics of yellow fever occurred at the Northern ports, New York, Pliiladelphia, Boston, etc. Traumatic tetanus, when fully developed in the human system, has so very generally proved fatal, that any case calculated to shed light upon its treatment, however feeble, seems worthy of being recorded, and, with this view, we report the following case. Furthermore, the student observes the role of the physician in society, the social and civic obligations and responsibilities to the patient. I am very happy to see you, sir, so firmly on the ground of reform. Guided by a few experiments on small animals, made in January, I acted on the principle that there is no person who cannot be rendered insensible by ether, and looked on the excitement as the occasional result of the cerebral functions being disturbed by a quantity of ether insufficient to suspend them altogether. The practical point is this: If a child does not increase at the rate of i lb. The dissecting room is an excellent training school for accuracy of observation and for methodical work. Besides, a patient cannot digest his food as well, or stand fatigue as well, during the febrile state. Many children are subject on taking cold, attended with little or no change in the breathing or voice. Adhesive straps having superseded, in a great measure, its necessity. If both are prepared and administered in the same way, the results will be found to be identical. He cannot see his patient too often that he may note every change and be ready to meet it. It has to be given from six to eight weeks.

The lungs were examined a number of times without any signs of disease being found. The ejaculatory ducts are also supplied with.simple glandular tubules which occur quite thickly near their orifices. The word'Doctor' in connection with an unusual and high-sounding word would be quite as likely to impose upon the ignorant and credulous as the false use of the conventional Doctor of Medicine. The surface of the hemispheres was unusually pale.

After menstruation ceases she is perfectly well until the next period. It proved stage of such cases, when emaciation was extreme, the dejections being frequent, fetid, and consisting of a variously coloured, sometimes greenish, or bloody mucus, and wanting altogether the fecal character. It is particu larly adapted to the use of students. The decrease of sugar was only of diagnostic value in this disease.

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