Translated, with Introduction, Notes, and Index by Intervention in English Education. And it is further worthy of note that this Jewish house of mercy was located near a spring or pool of water, just as the temples of JEsculapius were situated in many places near mineral springs, to which the The Hospitalia of the Romans were small erections on iiospitaiia the right and left of the main house, and corresponded Romans, The buildings for the aged women of Delos, erected on the island called Rhene, the institution which Antoninus built at Epidaurus, and the institution which is said to have existed on the island of the Tiber at Rome, to which sick slaves were brought, were most probably similar in some respects to asylums. When immersed in water, the whole lungs sank. The feet especially Sponging the surface of the body with cool or tepid water, with vinegar, or with alcohol gives comfort by removing the sensation of burning heat in the skin.

Those are the Veterans Administration and the Indian Health Service. The anterior and upper portions of the wound appeared to be free of gangrene, and presented a granulating surface. The whole specimen suggests death and destruction of tissues without any indication of further growth of any Specimen cxi.n. From central convokitions through capsule, crus, pons and medulla lobe through capsule, tegmentum and medulla to posterior columns Association Fibres in the centrum ovale. Two-thirds of the patients who visit Eras are sufferers, it is said, from chronic catarrh of the nose, larynx pharynx, and bronchi.

On by sulphuric acid, gives us ichthj'ol-sulphonie acid. But life is too short and our capital too soon expended to educate the public against its will. (I'rellmlnaiy Itcport.j Wiley lack of a general consensus of opinion in regard to the etiology of the condition, and the fallacy of holding that i)rostatic enlargement is the origin of urinary obstruction in all cases.

A circumscribed destroying lesion in the motor area of the cortex produces paralysis of one side of the face or of one arm or of one leg, and we designate such a paralysis as monoplegia of the face, arm or leg.

St Bland JH: Disorders of the Cervical Spine. Upon the nasal septum of saw a long venous blood vessel and destroyed it. Contact Continuing Medical Education, The University of Texas FUttth Science POSTGRADUATE WORKSHOP IN NEURORADIOLOGY. A total transverse lesion is limited in vertical extent and separates the brain from all parts below the lesion, hence cutting off all motor and sensory impulses from below the damaged segment. Welcome Letters, Patient Information Booklets: Some practices have successfully employed welcome letters and practice visit Practice information booklets would have information such as office hours, where to call in an emergency and after office hours, billing and insurance policies of the practice, map of practice location (if difficult to explain on phone). Despite the harmless qualities of the druo-, wc believe that its administration or the administration of any anesthetic, should be trusted only to one skilled cases of ethyl chlorid narcosis collected tliroughout the world. The blood-vessels of the embryo reach to the chorion and enter the villi immediatelv over the attachment of the pedicle to the chorion. The narrowness of the canal and the fact that the deeper growths are more apt to be ivorylike make the drills preferable for those so located. Right lobe was found and part removed. It would be manifestly improper for the law making powers to confer privileges such as these on any but the most competent in order to make them as little a menace to the community as employ Is not the practice of medicine. The experience of actual wars is the main factor in bringing about changes.

THE mobilization of a division of regular troops along the Rio Grande with headquarters at San Antonio, Tex., and the presence of American warships off both the east and west coasts of Mexico have given rise to endless speculation as to the purposes of the responsible authorities. In otherwise healthy ears, the function of hearing is, as a rule, restored inuuedialely by the removal of the ceruminal accumulation, and the subjective noises cease; occasionally, however, several daj's elapse before a feeling of perfect rehcf is obtained.' On the other hand, many persons immediately perceive all ordinary sounds with unusual distinctness for some hours after removal of the impacted mass.