Indicated; but on the contrary are almost always fruitless, while they are likely to interrupt and arrest the process of labor.

Sometimes it reaches the normal within twelve hours, occasionally not until the third day. - dISEASES OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Nffords conclusive evidence that important advances have been made in the treatment of Traumatic Tetanus; thus, if the table be divided into two ecjual portions in the first Blood-letting, Mercury, Opium, Tobacco, Belladonna, Turpentine, Croton CHI, Tarttr Emetic, Camphor, Musk, Assafootida, amputation, section of nerves, irritant and caustic amplications, blisters, actual cautery and cold affusion.

The solution is filtered many times and shaken up in the separatory funnel a number of times successively with several reagents before the alkaloid is ready for the final test.

The disease, in its commencement, is strictly one of inflammation. The previous history of the patient is accumulates slowly, and does not return quickly after paracentesis. A chemical analysis of the ejected matters will detect the presence of a In the gastro-enteric variety of pernicious fever the first two or three discharges from the bowels are bloody; while in cholera they are never bloody at first, and soon assume the"rice-water" appearance. Patient suffers severe pain or is restless, the bromide of potassium or hydrate of chloral may be given. The hyperesthesia, which is of ten so troublesome, is best relieved by large doses of bromide of potassium, and if restlessness and jactitation are marked, moderate opium narcosis may be beneficial. By this we learn that irritations of the spinal marrow may be idiopathic, or may arise from" some previous derangement in the functions of some organ or organs," transmitted through the incident, or excitor nerves, as from the teeth, the stomach, and bowels, or the uterus, to the spinal marrow, and after a time be transmitted thence by the reflex nerves to other organs and tissues, inducing various neuralgic and spasmodic complaints, so often referred to spinal irritation. The number of patches involved varies from four to five near the valve to twenty or thirty throughout the whole intestine. There is some little skill required in the adjustment of the tourniquet to secure all the advantages derived from the instrument: I should therefore advise every operator to apply the tourniquet himself, unless he is fully acquainted with the capability of his assistants; for, if he has been careless in this respect, and the artery has not been effectually compressed, in the middle of his amputation he may find to his confusion that he is embarrassed by a fearful gush of blood as he divides the main artery of the limb, and some other pressure must be immediately employed to stay the haemorrhage. The above quantities were takca Dr. FoUo'wing this, the Carter-Adams forceps, both blades bare, are introduced info the nostrils, (larallel with and directly beneath the nasal bones, movement, the nasal bones can be brought forward and upward into their proi)er relation with the frontal bone above and the nasal processes of the superior maxilla below.

The product is then ready for use and is mixed with agar, as if making One of the advantage?, the author states, is that any blood cultures that may prove sterile, form ideal material for the medium in question, instead of being a waste product.

The pulse during the cold stage was very small, and somewhat fuller than natural during the hot a hard full pulse. We must, in the interest of a broader humanity and a far wider field of usefulness, accept the progress of science and offer chances to two lives, rather than take the one which cannot assure the safety of the other.

I put a part of what there was on a handkerchief, gave her a few whiffs, handed it to a midwife, and proceeded to try to turn by cephalic version. The code of the American Medical Association was liberal and surely sufficient to guide and control the intercourse between medical gentlemen and between physician and patient. During the passage of a descending current, no form or strength of peripheric excitation will induce reflex actions.

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