In cases in which primary syphilis is suspected, we have found it advantageous to excise the local lesion where it can be done without mutilation, and cauterize the area of excision. He had devised one of block tin, upon which the patient could lie with perfect comfort, and he now exhinited this to the Academy. The left Fallopian tube was much bound down by adhesions and tortuous. His memory for the principal events of his life was good, and he could generall_v answer any (piestion requiring a simple yes or no, but he was incapable of any tuental effort. It was surrounded by a cyst consisting partly of pelvis of kidney and partly of atrojihied kidney substance. If at any time a perfect head of the femur had existed the symptom of dislocation must have been present. In conclusion, the promoters of the Bill claim for it that it will enable the poor who employ midwives to discriminate between those who are competent and those who are not, and it is suggested that in consequence of this differentiation competent persons would alone be employed by the poor. Hero the pipe makes a coil, and to it is admitted fresh air in large quantities from out of doors.

Considerable thickening of pyloric end, cardiac end adherent to spleen. Pfeiffer, although as yet he has not established any rule of his own, warns us that Fleischmann's deductions are probably unsound both in actual figures and on physiological principles, and considers that Fleischmann's results have already been greatly modified by the growth curves collected by Mech, and that the figures of Bouchaud are more correct, although more complicated, Fleischmann's formula being especially Pfeiffer illustrates the practical weakness of the than double his initial weight. As a whole the book is not one which will commend itself to the mechanically disposed gynaecologist; but to the general physician and the medical economist we believe it will prove instructive and interesting. The medulla oblongata was apparently normal. Fehleisen, of Berlin, has recently published the results of experiments undertaken to determine whether a species of bacteria peculiar to erysipelas is regidarly demonstrable, and if stands in an a-tiological relation lo the disease. The State Board of Charity and the State Board of Insanity have supervisory powers over their respective departments. She can no longer walk or even stand. To me his loss is simply i really noble soul has not a particle of sorrow connected death wc remember the years of almost hopeless and, If by his intellectual arts a man has left, as Dr. Eructations, and vomiting, which usually gives relief. In these quarters the work was sharply limited by lack of facilities that continually taxed the ingenity of the laboratory workers, the same type continued. In this matter there was a total absence of order and a want of attention to details for which in regard to proceedings at Court we would scarcely have given the Spaniards credit. On January first the Medical Fortnightly appeared, under the editorship of Dr. In a case of chronic tuberculosis Flexner found a fresh tuberculous growth in the aorta, which had no connection with cheesy masses outside the vessel. Gradually the patient begins to shiver, the face looks cold, and in the fully developed rigor the whole body shakes, the teeth chatter, and the movements may often be violent enough to shake the bei Not only does the patient look cold and blue, but a surface thermometer will indicate a reduction of the skin temperature. Multiple relapses may be similarly explained. Pent k son tour se ralentir, et les combustions se moderer sous Tinfluence du bain C'est cette phase d'hypostbenisation que le systime de Brand recherche, qu'il qui n'est qu'un mirage decevant, et sans se preoccuper de Tetat grave dans lequel il jette les fonctions les plus importantes de Teconomie, deja grandement ebranlees par et a la grande soufiVance du malade. It followed that pulmonary phthisis was an infectious disease, a multiplication of the causative agent taking phthisis was primarily a local disease, having its seat iu the lungs, and directly due to the agency of the bacillus. The patients received are committed in the regular way by the Courts, or if their mental condition is such as to make it legal, made by the Trustees for deserving cases. With a power of five hundred or six hundred diameters the One chief advantage claimed over other methods is that in the latter the decolorizing agent employed is dilute nitric acid; but this, besiiles being disagreeable to handle because of its corrosive and staining properties, is apt to remove the color from the bacilli too, unless' great care is taken. One other circumstance, for which, however, the careful verification by further observations is desirable, shows that the tissue change in the diabetic differs materially from that of the natural man. The psychology of the wounded men is of the greatest importance.

In man a few cysticerci lodged beneath the skin or in the muscles givi no trouble, and in time the larvaB die and become calcified.

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