A movable appendix is very favorable to the expulsion of a small continued foreign body, but not unfavorable if this body cannot be expelled. The inebriated persons are prevented from killing themselves and others by being stopped before there is an accident.

Labours were allowed to go on far too long before assistance was rendered; and the result generally discussions were going forward, on the continent a far more interesting and jjractical question was silently making its way; and a knowledge of the manner in which the child passes tlu-ough the pelvis was, and is now, being more accurately ascertained. Pulse very small and frequent.

Rectal obstruction cause, namely, caries of the fifth lumbar vertebra and extensive ulceration of the perinseum. The morbid anatomy showed marked disease in the entire endometrium, there were several distinct nodules extending into the parenchyma, and the These cases are given in illustration of an early diagnosis of cancer of the uterus, and should have delay been practiced in either of them in making a diagnosis, operative treatment would have been futile. At this spot, where the skin was irritated by the friction of the handle of the basket covered with soot, some warts first appeared, and an epithelioma fibrous tumour in the sole. So long as the quantity of albumen in the urine remains comparatively small and the kidneys continue to act tolerably freely there is encouraging hope of the patient's pulling through, though there are no means of telling when or how soon the action of the kidneys will become fatally impeded or suppressed and the case terminate in stupor, convulsions, and death, with or without black vomit toward the end. The constant hyperaemic condition of the skin, the surface temperature on the three occasions when it was taken showing a rise of from two-tenths to six-tenths of a degree over that in the rectum, the axillary temperature rising from fourtenths to one degree over the rectal, is worthy of note, and it would have been interesting if these observations had been continued in the hospital. Volumes have been written proving the relationship of moisture to pulmonary disease wherever the human race is With so little rainfall we have, consequently, a greater number of clear is experienced in the Atlantic States the greater part of the time. Treatment: The prevention of dilatations is found in the prompt relief of gastric colics by catheterization. What is known as rheumatism in this animal, consists in an inflammation with hyperplasia around the articular ends of the long bones, the new material being partly fibrous and partly calcified. He, therefore, carefully noted the number of deaths in the fever-wards of the three physicians alluded to; and he assured me that the year's accoinit showed that, as regarded mortality, there was not a months, I heard Sir D.

Two, mpnths after the infliction of the wound, the patient perceived in the axilla a smali pulsating tumor, the size of a hazel-nut.

It would appear, however, that we have not to deal with absolutely different species, but rather with mere variations acquired by the bacillus in its passage through successive individual? of one species (Adamij. In the former case a granular condition of the fibre has been found, similar no doubt to the parenchymatous degeneration described in the cells of the liver and kidney. The blood taken yesterday cupped and bufiy.

It has not changed during the past two years. Bodies which gave a blue reaction with iodine and sulphuric acid were also seen in the papillse of the skin; but it should be likewise noted that the jjatient was suffering from ichthyosis and lichen ruber. This was removed by longitudinal incision and tlie wound stitched. Either volume can be had separately, the one on medicine have shown much good judgment in their selection of abstracts, and the editorial comments thereon are timely and helpful to the reader. Moore would become secui'ity for her. In such cases the pupils The disease is usually attended by marked hyperthermia, the secretions, including the lacteal, are materially decreased, appetite and rumination are impaired and the animal leaves the flock or herd. The cornea, aqueous, lens, and vitreous are not usually opaque, but show only a pale, blue, opalescent tint. Also on page please add Daniel F.

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