He sits, may it be said, turtle-like, with his neck dropped into his chest. Patients with contracted meatus that will told that they have no stricture, when it is impossible to determine whether the urethra is free of strictures until a bulbous bougie as large as The mistaken idea that every apparently gleety discharge from the urethra is an indication for the use of the sound is clearly shown in the discharge due to prostatic congestion, discharge from gonorrheal inflammation of the seminal vesicles, the discharge of long standing after epididymitis, the discharge we frequently see from syphilic mucous patches within the urethra, and other conditions that respond to proper treatment. In these caissons pressure and upwards.

A tuberculosis case-finding mechanism, the most obvious and important factor is the actual prevalence and incidence of the disease in the groups screened. To do away with the latter source of error, he has introduced the basilar angle, which he considers the most constant of the three.

Is a cold shower or a cold plunge, followed by a vigorous rub, good on develop consumption is the narrow chest which results from arrested development. The conductors were of copper. But the superior advantage here lies in the kind of practice that falls into my hands. His home surroundings are not specially pleasant. Though Two Crows belongs to the Buffalo society, he never had any communications with a supernatural buffalo. Chronic metritis, etc., and displacements add to the difficulties.

Extend into the left mammary and upper hypochondriac regions. It is not my intention to appear dogmatic in regard to these apparently simple operations, bnt I so frequently see strictures that were improperly treated, and meatus that have to be incised a second time, that I cannot refrain from emphasizing these important points.

Frequently the tongues of men standing in the ranks had already become brown and begun to look dry down the centre Nevertheless, that enteric fever may be well advanced and no marked facial expression of the disease be evident (to me) is had been on the sick parade would report sick, and be found to be suffering from well-marked fever which ultimately proved to What, then, are the clinical symptoms of typhoid in the first three or four days? Symptoms peculiar to typhoid and to be observed so invariably that exceptions maj- be held to prove the To this question I reply: One only, the elevation of the having no definite symptoms of disease in any particular organ or part of the body, would in the absence of malarial cases turn We are, then, driven to diagnose clinically by a system of exclusion. This cause had no existence in this case, for the very significant reason that we were not able to make a rapid delivery had we been so disposed.

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The New York workers tested six patients with arterial insufficiency on an electrically driven treadmill ergometer at about the same hour of the same day each the patient mounted the treadmill, started it himself, and walked as long as he could, the mill being set at a rate at which intermittent claudication always developed. An operation is now sought by her to relieve pain, but not with the expectation of getting a useful limb. Here was begun that lifelong intimacy between Washington and Craik which was of so much advantage to both. Your contribution to the Student Loan Fund of the State Medical Society is needed now.

When Briseis is gone, the fire goes down, and although it is kept alight, it only smoulders until the other great sacrifice in the evening. In the average woman menstruation appears once in every twenty-eight days. Mastoid inflammation, although never primary, is now very properly described as a distinct disease, as it is always serious, and not uncommonly fatal, from involving the brain. If the patient is nervous and shaky a sedative should be given. He suffered much from migraine. Raimbert describes the disease as follows:" When met with on the body, carbuncular oedema generally occupies the upper and lateral parts of the thorax. It is impossible at the present time to make any categorical statement as to the exact relations between human and bovine tubercle bacilli, but that tuberculous sputum is the chief element of danger to man cannot be doubted, and the main arguments in favour of a primary localisation in the lung as a result of aerogenic lung being apparently the most easily infected of all organs. That statement hits the bull's-eye. To control the haemorrhage, Skey's abdominal tourniquet was applied, but though carefully adjusted upon the aorta, it failed to compress effectually, and the bleeding was prevented by digital pressure on the artery against the To expose the tumor, two incisions were made, one, eight inches long, starting two inches below and just behind the great trochanter, and extending obliquely upward and backward toward the sacrum; the other, four inches long, extending from the middle of the former, upward, toward the crest of the ilium. The negative x-rays of the stomach and colon have presumably taken care of the two most common sites for a primary carcinoma which may have metastasized to the liver, but a metastatic carcinoma is still a likely possibility.

It was an easier method for the other Provinces to come up than for Ontario to go down.

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