Modern science has too strongly emphasized the mere presence of some micro-organism as indicating and constituting disease.

No gastro-intestinal disturbances have been present. With the large amount of material at hand he now felt it his duty to attempt to he had performed the radical operation in recurrences took place within two years; this might take place within five years, and he had seen recurrences after twelve. The first case to be presented will illustrate the accidental production of an anaphylaxis of the alimentary type. Chill which seemed to give him some relief; ordered hot blankets. In hydatid diseases of the kidney hooklets may be found character, is of httle use. It is therefore more accurately described as pachyacria than acromegaly. It is a question, says The Medical Press, whether he deserves the condemnation which is heaped upon him by members of his own profession. Supplied by the action of the trustees and staff of the Cincinnati Hospital, a movement to make our libraries available should be begun. Several other enemas were given during the day with the tube with good haust all resources before resorting to surdose of salts and by night was thoroughly purged.

In my opinion this distinction is useless.

What of its importance for modern psychiatry? A discussion of this subject can be conveniently approached by an outline of its scope, which covers too wide a field for consideration in a short paper. And attend for a moment, I pray you, to a part of the difficulties to be encountered by a professional theorist upon a magnificent scale..

Its failure has been explained by mixed infection and by other reasons; but the truth is that we do not yet know why the various preparations of tubercle bacilli will cure experimental tuberculosis in a guinea-pig and fail to cure acquired tuberculosis in man. No nausea or vomiting have moved voluntarily, but the urinary retention still persists. What is the alternative? I would suggest that our professors in the different teaching institutions should witness a number of operations performed early, and I know there no longer would be the list of skeptics there is now.

The author related in detail the results of his experiments, which had been made mostly upon animals during the past two years, and gave his reasons for believing that under proper conditions the medicament will enter the healthy lung, even to the alveoli. Local peritonitis, however, is in reality extra-peritoneal and does not require surgical treatment unless the general peritoneal cavity has become affected secondarily. Fleischmann;"Pictures," Jack London;"The Sad Case of the Society Play," illustrated, by Alan Dale;"Bernard Shaw on American Women," illustrated;"The New Yosemite Railroad," illustrated, by Edward H. Of course, bacteria are always the immediate cause of the inflammation, and among those found in paranephric abscess may be mentioned staphylococci, streptococci, the pneumococcus, and colon, typhoid, tubercle, and but probably there is no difference between this and inflammations elsewhere except that in the traumatic cases the inflammation is probably preceded by small hemorrhages into the fat, this in turn being followed by the usual phenomena of inflammation. These, though not as yet complete, present striking evidence that the injections do produce immunity, and that when properly carried out they are without danger even in very susceptible animals. At the request of the Bureau chairman, Dr. The urine was loaded with sugar. When one can spend a leisure half-hour or so apart from his professional studies, he will be sure to find here something of value and something that will bring returns for the time spent. Beneath this coating the mucous membrane is dry and deeply injected, but is not ulcerated:

It is most frequently seen around the lips and lower jaw, where it gives a tremulous aspect to the face; the tremor of paralysis agitans very rarely involves the facial muscles. In the later stages the asthenia reaches a striking degree. It must not be forgotten that chronic gonorrhoea, renal calculus, or neoplasm may be associated with tuberculosis, and the discovery of the former does not necessarily exclude the latter; that in some cases the classical symptoms may be lacking, there may be no pain, no swelling, no general disturbance, and even, temporarily at least, no changes in the urine, and that it is only by repeated examinations and the careful weighing of every symptom and sign in these cases that a diagnosis can be made. Of the cases of typhoid fever studied by the Chicago Board of Health, about fifty per cent were brought back to the city by citizens who had been on vacation. The result is said to have been perfectly satisfactory, and Professor Erichsen writes that the operation was performed in consequence of the reported success of Dr. The swelling is usually one-sided, the right lobe being affected more commonly, then both sides, less frequently the left lobe alone, the isthmus very rarely. Kesch recommends that uterine massage be applied especially during menstruation, but does not give valid reasons for the recommendation. " If the patient have been sweating freely, that must be checked; the amount of bed-clothes may be reduced; if his joints have been enveloped with wool, it must be removed. Pericarditis the heart's action increases in strength for many hours before any physical sign of the disease can be detected, and before any pain is felt the disease advances, yet it does not begin notably to decrease for several days after the peculiar symptoms of pericarditis have disappeared.

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