In - these agents act in the cavity as a continuous disinfectant. Farina, granuni, rusk, well cocked rice, and oatmeal, beef juice, broths, zwieback, crackers, ECTOPLASM.

It is often the initial step in tuboovarian disease of severe type. In the majority of the acute cases the patients get well under conservative treatment. He also calls at tention to the fact that a hemiplegia occurring in an individual under middle age should render us very suspicious of a syphilitic causation. With some neurasthenics and hysterical cases it is altogether probable that they have met with a degree of success in their methods of treatment. Wlien renal lesions english are actuallv in existence, chloroform should either be avoided or at least given with tlie greatest caution.

At first the medical mind was engrossed in cataloguing the protean symptoms of this grotesque malady through which patients slept their way into death. The correspondence is so close that it suggests that the presence of the insect is the reason why cattle cannot live in these districts. Soon after the suicidal act while in the hospital he had a dream in which he informed the mother that he was soon to be married, whereupon he replied,"Yes; so I won't get married." The suicidal act occurred two years ago.

When the scourge rages and cuts off thousands of lives, then it is that one sees a patriotic advance of charity. The remaining two-thirds of the ball could not be found, so the operation was suspended, the wound dressed antisepticallv, and ample provision made for drainage. The number of nerves supplying the pre-axial border of the limbs is greater than tliat supplying the post-axial border; in other words, the distal nerves extend farther into the limb than the extends peripherally to the skin of the outer seris border of the foot in relation to the pre-axial and post-axial borders, there is a less distinct division of the cutaneous nerve into dorsal and ventral sciatic. In breech presentations the heart sounds are heard where the positions are anterior, to the left or to the right of a line extending through the centre of the umbilicus to the centre of the last rib.

The University of Dublin grant the degrees of M.B., B.A. We often learn of selfunravelled conflicts at too late a date. In a recent paper before the American Gynaecological Society (see PhiL and fifteen died; of the children twelve were saved and twenty-eight lost. "The peritonaeum does not seem to have that greediness, so to speak, for germs and their products evinced by other tissues, and, in fact, lias recently been proved to be a much more tolerant and tractable membrane to deal with than was formerly The doctor credited me with making gratuitous assumptions. In other experiments the testes were removed from young rats before puberty. The third death had occurred in a case of malignant cystic disease of both ovaries in which the operation had been incomplete. These organisms were of two kinds: one, mould, not identified, the other a motile bacillus, resembling in some respects the typhoid-bacillus of Eberth, but readily differentiated from ii In two samples of the same water that had been obtamed from the spring in large vessels and transferred to soda-water tanks, in order that the water might be sold bj the glass from the fountain, there had been contamination.

Abdominal walls to be toned up by massige, electricity, and hydrotherapy. Idiocy, the substance of the intraocular ending of the optic nerve and the circumjacent retinal and choroidal membranes, seem, in those instances where there are no marked evidences of coarse intraocular change, to share in the soft, jelly-like cedema so universally recognized in the external portions of the organ.

Peters, setting forth the evils arising in consequence of the law making it necessary that the president of the board of commissioners should not be a medical man. Of latter years this woman's major seizures had been occurring several times a month. The cases then on record, as well as some additional ones, were tabulated by that he had tied the external carotid three times, the first case being that of.a man who had extensive epithelioma of the face. In obstinate cases powd sulphate of Citpper packed under edges of gums for several successive days and foil, Inflammation, Calcic, of Peridental ME.MBRANE. It is to be hoped that physicians will at once report all cases of the want of hydrochloric acid in the fluids of the stomach, and state what relation it bears to cancer, as, if this Bign is sure, a very simple and easy mode of early diagnosis is discovered. THE LIVERPOOL HOSPITAL FOR WOMEN. Below the liver was a large cystic tumor, having a capacity of a gallon or more.

Subsequently his attention was directed to some peculiar masses in the vessel.

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