For such fabrics to give efficient protection, they must be frequently cleaned. Printed on yellow stock, the directory lists physicians in Hartford, Bristol, Manchester and New Britain. During these nine days he had been running an ordinary typhoid course, with temperature suggesting a slightly longer duration of illness before entrance than was given in the history. The quantity and quality of the stomach mucus indicate with some accuracy the condition of the gastric mucous membrane. Goldberg has studied the influence of the weather upon health in a more comprehensive manner. As to Illinois, it may be obserA-ed that in Cook County than generally in Illinois. But before we speak, conditions must be carefully considered. Unless it is absolutely unavoidable, the stationary bathtub in the ordinary city bathroom which contains a watercloset should never be used. Aside from their weight and roughness, there is always more or less condensation on the outside of the bag, which causes wetting of the pillow and conduces, in subfebrile conditions, to rheumatic pains.

The eruption became pretty fully developed in the course of about a fortnight, and has continued on and off ever since, subsiding and increasing, but never quite disappearing. This was now broken, and the mud wall being dug away, a dark room was exposed, where a wooden box containing the Fakeer was placed upright; on opening it we saw a figure enclosed in a bag of white linen. Thus in a case of pseudo-hermaphroditismus masculinus internus there are testicles in association with external genitals of the male type, and a uterus, vagina, and even tubes. The harmless manner in which it shewed itself could not arise from any peculiarity either in the season or the weather, for I watched its progress upwards of a year without perceiving any variation in its general appearance. This being the case, how are we to explain the efficiency of coffee in supporting the system and enabling the performance of as much, or even more, work under conditions of restricted dief? It may be supposed, as ah-eady suggested, that the actual waste of energy is in some way diminished, as, for instance, by a lessened heat dissipation, the quantity of heat thus concerned becoming apparent in work; but this heat production and heat dissipation are increased, and, accordingly, that the actual waste of energy was greater. The better plan is to feed with hay chopped from a manger; because the food is not then thrown about and is more Vetches and cut grass should always be given in the spring to horses that cannot be turned out in the fields, because they are very cool and re fresliing- and almost medicinal in their eftects; but tliey must be supplied in moderation, as they are liable to ferment in the stomach, if given As often as once a week a change of food or cut hny with shorts will do. This Division has maintained a firm stand against inclusion in any federated fund from the outset and has received commendation from the American Cancer Society for its success in maintaining the independent nature of its appeal.

To the conclusion that kola-nut increases muscular force. He held that the pigment could be carried by the lymphatics. The writer has carried his theory to the evolution of the teeth, and has tried to explain the varying forms on the ground of use and disuse. His manner of procedure is to obtain protein substances from cultures of the bacillus pyocysaneus and apply these to the ulcer after it has been soaked in tepid water for a time. The function of this Committee shall be to review and advise the members of the Society concerning proposed state legislation pertaining to the public health, welfare and the practice of medicine. Tongue still dry, mind now clear, sleeps well, ordered condition continues to improve, has required no bath during the last twenty -four hours, moist rales continue, and there is a continues to improve.

The causes of pain in the pelvic organs are very various.

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