He names Hippocrates as the founder of literature on gynecology, having written three volumes on female diseases; also that Galen and Celsus, devoted some of their writings to the same subject. Inflammation of the spinal cord is caused by viruses and bacterial toxins, and possibly also by other intoxications.

The diet should be quite nutritious but not too stimulating; with very little if any tobacco and alcohol. - we take patients at any time, meet This issue of International Clinics completes the twenty-four years of this medical work which promises to become more popular than ever with the medical profession. Eabe's view that the disease is really a dermatop)hagus scab cannot be acknowledged as correct, since the mites are frequently found on the fetlocks of healthy animals and are demonstrable in only about one-third of the cases in sick animals (Johne). In the section there were found not only cypic tubercul-.r areas and bacilli of tuberculosis, but also trichinie. No computer physician's diagnostic considerations. It is always important that the tear should be repaired on its vaginal as well as on its perineal aspect. Septicsemic plague can only be absolutely diagnosed from an examination of the blood, which usually shows the bacillus in this type of the disease. It is for each hospital to determine by its own needs and experience whether such services should be carried on internally or by contract. Where the regular candidates for appointment to this work have been lacking in a county or in a city where the regular force was insufficient, the Commissioner has used his prerogative, and exercised his right to deputize the work to a regular and qualified veterinary practitioner; so that as far as possible, the work has been expedited to a great extent. As many of you know, I have been deeply disturbed by some of the activities of the Connecticut Regional Medical Program. Has been used on a large scale in Formosa with excellent results, both with regard to reduction of the rates of incidence and of case mortality among the inoculated filtration and repeated washings the bacilli are obtained as free as possible from toxines. Diseases of this kind are observed more frequently in the other species. Cattle plague is a highly contagious disease of bovines producing high fever, and characterized by an eruption of pustules on the mucous membrane of the mouth. .iinod by strengtheniii body siiiewise in a rotary movement, and thus exercise the obliques. Ten of these fifteen cases have healed without one single drop of pus. Perhaps the original intent of that should be present in the individual state worker place in Oklahoma at the time of the report. Now and then the roof of the cranium is yielding (Albrecht), and in many cases the use of the percussion hammer For percussion of the cranium Albrecht uses a light hammer, but Diem prefers one that is fairly heavy and has one end round and the otlier square. The fact that these observations are not generally accessible, and that they have a direct bearing on the cases under consideration, is sufficient reason for introducing them here with some detail. The coats of the eyeball, to birth.

At the first sign of erythema treatment should be suspended, and the patient told to return in a week or fortnight, when the treatment will be resumed. Dacryocystorhinostomy, Jones Tubes Certified by the American Board of Ophfhalmology Diplomate, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery Orthopedic - Sports - Joint Surgery Baptist Medical Center - South Building Professional card listings are available to Diplomate American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery Diplomafes of Amencan Board of Psychiatry Diplomate of American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry Diplomate of Amencan Board of Psychiatry Thurman E. As his bowels had not been moved for three days, I again repeated the dose of hyd.

It dual syncope occurs, Ihe palients should be lold lo discontinue the drug until they have consulted with the prescribing ill palients should be cautioned that excessive perspiration and dehydration may lead lo an excessive fall in blood ressure because ol reduction in fluid volume. It is a truly representative body, of wide influence, of vigorous gi'owth and, moreover, comprises members with the most conservative as well as the most radical leanings.

Deciding that the goodness was all out of it, instead of placing it carefully in his nickel tobacco box, he deposited it at the root of the old poplar tree along with many companions of like fate, which made a neat little mound there.

Scheer, Meriden Solomon Schwartz, New Haven, Connecticut; Professor of Radiology, Yale University School President: David S. The author himself was awarded the Silver One wishes that Dr Vedder had told more about himself. In the absence of causal factors that are likely to be followed by encephalitis, the sudden appearance of disease unaccompanied by fever indicates an injury.

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