No orifice was discoverable, but on descent of the head a thinner portion of the uterus was felt, through which a female catheter was passed, ancj then the finger, and delivery was soon completed. It was so when the Phoenicians and Tyrians were the common carriers of the world upon the high seas.

Cummings reported some cases of severe facial Erysipelas cured by full doses of Iron and Quinine, nutritious diet, alcoholic stimulants. Areas showing where one opens into another (

When twenty-three years old he contracted fever and ague a second time, accompanied by pain and swelling of the inguinal glands and of the scrotum. To sum it all get to sit back in my easy chair, bite nervously on my pipe stem and listen in on the Neb- Aggie game, and if an old fellow of my age feels this way, I very naturally have great sympathy for the younger individuals who must suffer proportionately greater. Personal hygiene plays an important role in the treatment of this condition. In his case there was no doubt left on tlie minds of those who examined him, that the dislocations were complete in every case. One can easily understand that such a change may be induced in the tissue of the cutis as the result of impaired nutrition. Venous hematocrits were performed by the microhematocrit method.

He died of phthisis, under which he had been laboring for some years, and which appears to have followed an attack of acute pleuro-pueumonia, by which he was for several months disabled, and to wliich, as well as to the chief points of his career, allusion is made in the dedication to him of Donder's book on Astigmatism, At the time of his death his age could scarcely have exceeded forty-iive years; and, for the last nineteen of those years, he has heen to the human race one of the greatest of its benefactors. It seems to come of its own accord. If V represents the absolute quantity to be determined, the formula for carrying out the problem is: To determine the absolute quantity of the gastric contents after this method, we first aspirate the stomach, note the exact quantity of aspirated chyme, and determine its general acidity. The patient expressed great pain in lumbar region for several days, expelling a few at every time of urinating. ROHDENHURG: FAMILY INCIDENCE OF TUMORS. The inference is that a natural function of the thymus is the prevention of acidosis. I speak, of course, of the" Boa Vista, Grange Loan, Edinburgh." Dr. From the difficulty of curing some cases, and from the ease with which others yield to treatment, as well as from slight varieties in the appearances of the eruption, I am convinced that there are several species of fungus producing this disease. The conclusions are that tuberculous infection of the testis is a descending process and that the course of the descent lies along the lymphatic channels. If then it be practiced at haphazard, and always in the same direction, failure is certain to follow in many cases.

Reproduction studies impaired fertility or harm to the fetus due to ZANTAC' (ranitidine hydrochloride). Curious to relate, was the presence of a small fatty tumor in the skin in the area affected on the outer side of the right thigh. Hamilton, of New York, has been delivering an address at the American Academy of Medicine, Easton, Pa., on" Medical Education," which was ordered to bepubHshed,anda copy is now before us. It is usually in the higher grades of this inflammatory action that we are summoned.

Here the sole duty of the health officer in the clinic work is to get the suspected sick person, who may be endangering or menacing the public, into the hands of his physician through whose instrumentality he may receive proper directions as to the best, methods of treatment. When heat is applied to living tissue the part heated becomes promptly hyperemic, the degree or intensity of which will vary as the temperature.