She had marked tenderness on percussion and on deep pressure over the left kidney and loin, but none on the right side. If we want to keep up the spirit of a race in which runs the blood of Robin Hood and the old Viking kings, the palestric element must enter into its pastimes. Excessive excretion of calcium salts is found in the urine. It did not take Osier long after he came to Baltimore, in a member of the Library Committee and innumerable plans for betterment.

In the nervous system, it is capable of exciting migraine, neuralgia, or neuritis; the genito-urinary system, urethritis, gravel, renal calculus, or interstitial nephritis; in the skin, eczema, herpes, or urticaria; and in the eye, iritis, conjunctivitis, or granular lids. The alleged nihilist in therapeutics antagonizes, therefore, a rooted prejudice, not alone in the world at large, of whom nothing else need be expected, but among his own class, who might be presumed to exercise an intelligent judgment. He made up his mind to take no further chances but to turn about and sail for Europe. Heavens, what feeble pigmies What fun to travel with a spirit like this, and he rarely went anywhere without having two or three youngsters on his trail. They are either Otolaryngologists or Ophthalmologists and the smaller communities that could very adequately support one man with a reasonable amount of training in both fields could not offer enough for two specialists. It accumulates first in the vagina, and escapes from time to time in small quantity from the vulva. It was difficult to obtain an accurate history. It may, however, be used as a Camus commends the treatment for its ease of application and its successful results, and considers it to be one of the best measures for adoption for the treatment of this particularly rebellious affection. Reid would thereafter have to swell the ranks of the abortionists, meaning that legitimate practice would leave him. This could be arrested by compression of the right carotid and partially so by compression of the left carotid. This signifies that the specific agent possesses the power, by means of effluvia from the patient, of mingling mechanically with the surrounding atmosphere and of infecting the air to a distance. When the pulse is very slow and the blood-pressure has advised making an osteoplastic flap on the side of the hemorrhage ( Uana that there were disturbances of sensation produced by small lesions I anterior to the fissure of Rolando, that the sensory area of the body corresponded exactly with the motor area, so far as we could determine clinically. IRWIN, Chairman Great Falls MEDICAL PREPAREDNESS AND DEFENSE COMMITTEE E. As to FerneFs share in the change of Plancy, his historian and disciple, makes no mention of the matter in any way, whereas as Plancy was twenty-nine years old when Francois II was born he must have heard about the circumstances and had no reason to conceal any fact that would so much redound to his master's L'Estoile, who certainly were en rapport in all court gossip, make any reference to Fernel in their writings, which are so full of details of all court doings, and especially of spicy ones. The progress of naturalism was continuous and triumphant; under such champions of reality it was destined to spread far and wide over Italy and finally over western Europe, in the swift seasons of the diaspora of Florentine science. The essential features of the operation are as follows: The sac is exposed in the usual way. The time in visiting the whole house is nearly one hour and a half There is not any house surgeon at either of the operations. Impose upon local administrative bodies the duty of providing the physical conditions and appliances of health, sucli as water-supply, sewerage, drainage, infectious hospitals, disinfecting apparatus, and of carrying out the daily operations, such as scavenging and sanitary supervention, necessary to keep the district clean outside and inside the houses of the inhabitants. He died in physicians, but died young.

He described a method of performing I)erineal lithotomy which is performed with satisfaction at (iuy's Hospital, This consists in the use of a straight stall', the groove extending to within onethird of an inch of its extremity'. He had no pain on movement, nor on changing his position, as lying down and getting up again. This is partly owing to our prudery in regard to the marriage relation and the lack of proper teaching about it by our rulers and governors, doctors, spiritual pastors and masters. Fox replied that they had the characters of acute eczema, and were limited to the syphilitic Dr.

Of the twenty odd who intend to seek the suffrages of British electors at the coming election, only a handful have more than local fame, and of these one or two are politicians rather than doctors. The only trouble remaining was a slight stricture and a very little discharge.

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