Mills, CPA, Director of Health Care Finance Benita Stennis, Director of Scientific Affairs How to Use Your MSMA Membership Free Subscriptions to Missouri Medicine, Progress Notes, and the Legislative Report MSMA members receive Missouri Medicine, the monthly journal that informs you of the latest medical, socioeconomic, and technological developments. These eiiects he ascribes to the presence of another peculiar principle in opium, namelj", the ed out its distinctive properties. He had made a special study of what are called syphilitic strictures of the rectum, and had shown histologically that syphilis is the original cause, but that an ordinary chronic inflammatory proc ess supervenes and constitutes the morbid after-condition. On the contrary, the most careful and thorough investigation seems to bear out the conclusion of Mr. The contraction of the resultant cicatrix is never sufficient, when the cauterization has been thorough, to bring back the old symptoms of prostatism. The patient, returned to the clinic in October, and it was then seen that the scapula had been reproduced. The effects of oscillation closely resemble those described as flowing from rubbing and vibrating. This forms the cellular or external tunic of arteries, but ought not to be considered as belonging to the arterial tissue; it is simply a modification of the cellular system, suited to the situation in which it is placed. Of Medicine, Surgery, and the Collateral Sciences. The wound in the scrotum and groin having been stitched, antiseptic dressing was applied. Vancomycin was discontinued, the patient six-week course of intravenous oxacillin and synergistic doses of gentamicin. The progress of this effort is jneasured by the degree of improvement in I he public health, as shown by the general vital statistics of the locality. The paralysis, however, was not sufficiently removed to allow Rheumatism is primarily a disease of the blood, which gives rise to certain local manifestations, such as inflammation about joints and moving parts, producing enlargement, stiffening and adhesion of the arseolar and muscular fibres. It would appear that this is quite possible, and actually convertetl into soft caseous substance, which occurs more frequently in the second kind of strumous testicle, restoration of the oriL'inal structure is impossible.

Professor of Diseases of the Throat in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York; Consulting Laryngologist to the Presbyterian plates and one hundred and twenty-five wood The division of labor in medical practice cannot be better illustrated than by regarding the vast extent of information now requisite to properly diagnose and treat the diseases of the throat and nose. - in children the cough is frequently due to very large faucial tonsils, which by touching other parts of the throat set up an irritation, resulting in distressing and prolonged coughing.

His habit was to place the patient on the left side, carefully swab out the vagina and uterus with cotton, give stated that a prime condition was to find the absolute cause of sepsis.

When formerly these mechanical conditions were attributed to hypertrophic enlargement of the uteroB itself and were regarded as adequate indications for the removal of the cervix, the surgeon in the attempt to remove what he supposed was the elongated cervix uteri sometimes invaded the bladder anteriorly and the SuEGiCAL Teeatmext. It has occurred to me, in thinking over these features of the case, that perhaps the position of the lesion might help us to tliis explanation, and I have reasoned in this way.

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There were also great depression of spirits, pronounced ennui, and an absence of interest in life.

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