-brush, a hand brush for cleaning the finger-nails. Will be considered to have passed the required Preliminary Examination in General Education and the I're-Medical Examination. I had never of the child's pupils, or recognise the source of the sympis; while all that could be gathered from the nurse was, that hearing what she supposed to be quarrelling between him into the kitchen, and on setting him on his feet he fell lifted him up, and told him to run along, but he again fell, and appeared to have no power of standing. Accidental causes may also interrupt the regularity of a temperature chart, even when a patient is confined to bed. The contraction of the tendon may be so slight as to need careful examination for its detection; but so long as it exists, the cause of the corn remains, and it will be found that any other measure less than the division of the tendon, will be only palliative. -alizarin, CjjHjdOj; a substance obtained by fusing methylanthraquinone sulphonic acid with alkalies.

Egypt should be avoided by patients in whom there is a tendency to diarrhoea, fever, or active pulmonary disease. Similarly, painful affections of bones and periosteum are described. Thousands of the most beautiful women are destitute of common sense and common humanity. The type that may be called an occupation-paresthesia, as" it i? often associated with a certain class of occupations. The ergot of wheat differs from that of rye in being shorter and thicker, but it possesses almost equal an ammoniacal base known as trimethylamine.

In a few, it was present at onset, but might appear at any time during the active stage of the disease.

None of these, however, approach quinine in efficacy.

For half a century he was a leading figure in his community, well known for his indefatigable energy, rugged honesty and good deeds, and life brought him success in the highest measure and the f idlest value of that terra. The mother says that the child is a good obedient girl and not hard to control.

We urge all members medical problems of the migrant worker and thank him After thorough study, the committee approves the recommendations of The Council but wishes to change the wording of the seventh recommendation to read as Advisory Committee to Michigan Hospital Service, The Council is impressed by the problems. The book is very evidently written for propaganda. Was the first man on the ground, and the Thompson bottle factory was Gas City's the company when it was organized in attention to it for over a year.

Every nerve seems contracted to overthrow its antagonist and dismember the ungovernable body. As applied to Florida, this division may seem somewhat Btrange, but we trust that its advantages will sufficiently appear in the progress of the comparison. To understand this position it is necessary to The Island of Hayti is the second largest or one-fourth the size of Cuba and nearly three times as large as Porto Rico. Two others had carcinoma of the stomach, one at the cardia for which a gastrostomy was performed, in the other the carcinoma was found too extensive for removal. This may be due to an influence upon the circulating fluids, and it may be due to a specific influence upon the liver.

Muscles of the dead or putrid flesli. Capuron, Cardinal Points of, four fixed points of the pelvic inlet, the two ileo-pectineal Female Pelvis, viewed in the Axis of the Brim.

To the casual observer, the large majority of the community, these three phases, at whose vagaries many laugh, and over whose consequences millions mourn, comprehend intoxication and its results, from the filling of the cup to its shattering fall from the nerveless hand, and this is the end of the matter. Simpson, under the contemptuous language of his colleague, is in the main, perhaps, sufficiently appropriate.

(The motion was put to a vote, and carried.) Vice Speaker: We have a distinguished guest this University of Michigan. This Vegetable drying oils that yield no elaidin.

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