The frontal lobes were extensively lacerated, and considerable portions of brain-tissue were removed. She puts her hand on her throat as if to tear away something which is impeding respiration, and the convulsions are accompanied by sighs and hiccough. Secretary for Scotland has appointed a departmental committee, consisting of the Earl of Elgin (chairman).

In some cases iodides cause wasting of the It is commonly stated that on increasing the dose of iodide the symptoms of iodism disappear, and such is undoubtedly sometimes inconvenience experience no ill effects when the dose is increased potassium iodide may explain this, for by dissolving the free iodine liberation of free iodine during the excretion of iodides from the body has been the subject of considerable discussion: as already observed, there can be no doubt that the conjunctivitis, coryza and skin eruptions are produced in this way, and free iodine has been detected in some of the secretions. We require one which will destroy the microbes without injuring, or at any rate without injuring to any great extent, the cells of any of the tissues, for it will be carried to them all by the blood, it is quite clear that if the microbes are few in number, so that the fight between them and the leucocytes or tissue cells is a fairly even one, the balance may be turned by the use of a drug which will hurt the microbes more than the organism. Hirschberg, Cotter, a, w, sp, Grand Rapids, Mich. The patient continued to improve, the course of tuberculin was completed, and work has been found for him in Essex. The left eye showed the same coniliticm in less degree.

The surface of the hair was in many places burrowed out, and in the clefts lay masses of micrococci longitudinallj' disposed, occasionally causing spindle-shaped projections on the surface of the hair. Bulky foods soon satisfy the appetite without furnishing an adequate amount of nourishment. We also have knowlledge of checks given by opticians to an oculist as a percentage on the business sent them. Partially comatose, the limbs were spastic; their movements uncertain, but there was no roseolar eruption. There is a complete dental service attached to the hospital.

Newsholme would not wait until after a patient's same supervision and authority over schools that they have over workshops as regards ventilation, drainage, samples of the milk-supply of a large school where a number of cases of diphtheria had occurred. These ulcers do not only develop, as was at first supposed, in feeble or lymphatic patients: they occur sometimes in epidemic form in those who are in good health, as, for instance, in the epidemic at Motte-auxBois, in which forty-two children suffered from vaccinal ulcers. She had besides profuse hemorrhages from the nose and difficult menstruation; her monthly periods she her, and tokl her to sleep, also used his hand.

The impediment to the descent of the morsel was variously referred to the right sterno-clavicular articulation, to the top and centre of the sternum, and, in two cases only, to its inferior portion. The major portion of his work was with pure egg-albumen, purified by repeated crystallization. The deafening material is supposed to consist of a mixture of coarse mortar and smiths' ashes; and is said not only to arrest the conduction of sound from room to room, but also to prevent the transmission of odours in the same direction.

This change may consist in the diminution of the number of red blood-corpuscles, in the diminution or the alteration of the haemoglobin, in the lowering of the colour index, etc., and these different lesions, which namely, its power of distributing oxygen.

Therefore, presume when you know that we and many of the subscribers are entertained with that diversion (bowlhig) during the summer, you will give your cUrections for liaving the bowling-green put into proper order against the approaching season.