See of their leaves, which is acrid and bitterish, is used to poison (Called by some Rhus), is a herb like the Darnel, It has astringent powers, and when drunk with austere wine stops all Palma, ttie Pabn-tree, has a fruit which, when ripe, is moderately hot, stomachic, and tonic, when taken internally or applied externally. Vj; of Macedonian stone-parsley, of Indian leaf, of each, oz. A chapter on" Australia, anA appears to have been written under the impression that it is by no means unusual" carelessly" to advise invaHds in an advanced stage of consumption to take a voyage to Australia in the hope of regaining health.

It eannot sit calmly at any bani)aet while the wan facu of the hunger-bitten looks in at the window. The amniotic fluid tends to macerate and decompose the dead foetus, the placenta also dies off, and hence we have the absorption of bodies that lead at once to the appearance of peptone in the urine. Wbengiren ifi amiOl doeea tbe sleep pnxnifed, The oonelnsion I draw from thevreaalt of fbe treatomt of itbeee cases is, that bj oec; amin Is fandoabtedly of great serrioe Icaimot be restryned. Our public health work depends entirely upon outside agencies. The iris was diso(rioured, and projeoting bom it wen several small grnish-white or pinush-irtilte nodnles; it vrsB adherent at three points to the lens. The first was premature, when eight months pregnant," due to a Iright"! the second was aUo premature,, a year later, wfaea did not c'ome round for.eome houTs." She does not remember if ahe flooded then,' About four days sftetwatds hat felt very weak- She suckled the chibi Ua eleven months, doting the whole of which time she bad a discharge, the time of admission, but wae much more projnae every On admission she was well nourished, but very blanched Icom loss of blood.

A good many years bad passed elnoa tin last revisiui of the ReoomsMndations, and it soeoMd to hbtt casanthti that the Conndl should look over them intervaL There were ceveral pdnti in connexion with the and he wonld be rdnctant to form a new opinion without consultation with others, and especially without taking the advice of the local authorities in the diffsreet divisions of the kingdom. It is beyond question that nothing at our command can be relied upon as confidently as the hypodermic use of qninia in pernicious nuilarial fever. WHARTON HOOD OX"LAWN-TENNIS LEG" ooow ipto play in the piepoiMloD id tbt ATtativft, to that Mtum ponriog oat from the plenra, and wMhing away all oiganisma lodging anong the fihras, then we ihonld have -itadt aofficient evidence tAat oar dreaeing is really a aafe I have here a sample of a very eheap fibre, sent me from'theaoath irfFianoe, prepared, with thu sablimatad aeram, for cbarging.varioas fabrics. His ancestors were addicted to alcoholic stimulants. VVe have seen examples of acute aithritis supervening suddenly in the course of a severe attack of inflammation of the joints, the nature of the inflammation in these cases, however, being very Although we have here spoken of three different forms of disease, diffuse inflammation, phlebitis, and puerperal rheumatism, we have ourselves long entertained the opinion expressed by Mr. Whilst approving for the most part the arguments contained In the letter referred to, we shoold yet be inelined to take exoeption to the opinion that infsnt at tUa exceulve mortality may be said to be fairly well as typical of thousands of other eases throughout the oonnby will undoubtedly find its parallel in the practioe of every observant practitioner.

This pain extended along the long bones particularly the ulna on either side with this, I suspect from loss of sleep and interference with digestion, he had lost flesh and become weak, anasmia and pale. They have a truer sensibility for others' pain, the more they study pain and disease by the light of science." ms remarks about you are to make choice of a pbysibian, be sure yotl get one, if poseible, with a cheerful and serene countenance. It is estimated that an effort will be made to change the existing law so that they can be reached. Any inborn criminality is denied, and any native impulse may, in a civilized community, become criminal, and especially so in sexual vice. The nmlli lum baaa TSiy ntiiteitorr Iti uhmt two-tUrds of paberty, -were tin affieetioni mMt teadUy nlhmtU The fiaid extraot hu been gfTen ln doses of twenty drops three hydrastis oanodensis on doga, and attention was strictly directly into the veins momentarily raises the lotra-raacnllu: ptWBDre; but this first phase is soon followed by. F We have, thus, clear evidence of a very large number of morbid poisons, each of which is capable of producing, in an appropriate subject, a distinct specificdisease with a characteristic morbid We may safely believe that, for each" of these morbid poisons, there is no test yet possible except that of the disease which it may produce; and so we may as safely believe that there may be many morbid poisons or morbid conditions of blood in ourselves'which may be indicated by very different products of disease, though they may be beyond detection by any other, even the most refined, method Further, thougli it may be impossible by any other means to detect any differences among these morbid poisons, yet the diseases which they severally produce may be widely different; as unlike as are a pustule and a goitre, or a vaccine vesicle and a carbuncle, or as any of the morbid changes due to gout or rheumatism. Dukglison, author has shown a skillful discrimination in the arrangement of his material, and has written his description of organs and their functions so that they will be readily comprehended'by those he intended it for.

To shorten this period, various methods of skin-grafting have been used for many years.

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