Proliferation of the connective tissue is then the most prominent symptom, and Virchow has therefore called this form interstitial proliferating neuritis. The November meeting of the Society was held at the Parker After approval of the records, Maude Kent, M.D., of Boston, was elected to membership, and the following proposed: Mary Under the head of" New Business," a committee consisting of Drs. The lack of familiarity with the idea of fire in this connection makes the method seem something deterrent to nature.

From this date it increased, and continued to do so until the which gives the number of cases and deaths in most of the hospitals to the present time. Society had a discussion on small-pox, in the course of which "" use it upon the strength of the recommendation of some German physicians, that it would prevent pitting." And now, after the lapse of eighteen years, we are no further advanced in a real knowledge of the remedy. By these means the palmar surfaces will become somewhat hardened and less liable to the profuse perspiration complained" The particulars of a case of hyperidrosis which came under my notice some time ago, and the result of the treatment adopted, may be of interest and use to your correspondent,'A Member,' writing on the subject of' moist hands.' In my case the patient had been a sufferer from hyperidrosis of the feet for years. On the right side there are several spots where perforation has almost taken place into the ileum, the coils of which could not be separated without tearing the sac-wall. I his is another view ot the same demonstration as on the opposite page. This day John Prentiss Poe is resting from his earthly labors, in the land of the blessed with the God of his Among his greatest mourners are the students of the Law Department of the University of Maryland, with whom so much he loved to be.

A few months ago the Sterling Debenture had almost as many typewriting girls in its New York office to write comeon letters to its sucker lists as it had operatives in its linen factory in Massachusetts. To cause absorption of inflammatory matters inside the sheath, severe blistering, or the actual cautery, is employed. And if, on the contrary, I looked through the microfcopc upon any part that appeared green, I could plainly fee that the red thrids were lefs fully expofed to the eye, and obfeured by the green ones, which therefore made up the predominant colour. Upshur, The little work before us differs from many of its kind, in that its pages bear testimony of having been written not only by a are not solely" cases," more or less interesting, but suffering human beings, to whom is due not only service but sympathy. It is a fact worthy of being mentioned, that hardly tad they settled down, before these gentlemen applied for admission among us. Eruption (fever blister) surrounding the mouth and lips, the mouth being so much inflamed that she could swallow with difficulty. They are so jix ranged as to remain fixed upon the neek of the uterus when it the fistula is seized and brought forward, so that the edge can between each other, similar to those used by M. No Two small pigmentary naevi, occurring on the face of a physician, were treated with such perfect effect that it is diflicult to notice where they Ophthalmia Neonatorum of Late Onset. The demand for an operation being urgent, we determined to lose no more time. Aspiration receives a hearty endorsement from our author wherever the bladder cannot be reached in the natural way, as not only affording the desired relief, but as making the after-treatment of the stricture much easier. " Many cutaneous diseases, such asfavus and mentagra, are proved to be dependent upon cryptogamous vegetations; and even the disease of the mucous membrane, termed aphthae, arises from the presence of" As microscopic investigations become more minute, we discover protophytes in diseases, where, until our own time, their existence was not even suspected, as in the discharges of some kinds of dysentery, and in the sarcina of pyrosis. If this cavity should not readily close, it may be necessary to slit up any sinuses that may exist.

In an experiment upon a horse the tension in the jugular vein sank from which plainly shows how complete the anaemia of the brain must have been.