I communicated my wishes to the mother, who was holding the child, at the time presenting a good appearance, eyes bright and cheeks red.

Four years is generally considered a"ripe old age" for a fowl. Persons who chill may be first washed with warm water and then quickly sponged over with cold. The skin upon either side is held and pulled up with two forceps, while the skin is divided from above downward with one stroke of the shears.

In correcting deflections in the osseous or osseo-cartilaginous portion we must carefully determine the amount of bending the saeptum will require in order to force it into place. On the top of this I had a pillow placed, on which I rested my axilla, my body being placed between the two feet of the stool.

Upper tracing auricular, lower ventricle. If this is so, the wound is closed and the loin opened up and the necessary steps taken to deal with the condition found. Treatment, cases of gunshot fracture of the jaws are often received in base hospitals with marked deformity, the wounds septic and inflamed. D., by Pope Felix IV, using as a basis the remains of two ancient temples, one that of the Sacred City, general devastation accompanying the reigns of Nero son of the Emperor Maxentius. The physical examination was within normal limits. Some authors were of opinion that the mere arrest or postponement of an attack was of no benefit to the patient; but he (Dr Althaus) entirely disagreed with this opinion. She states that the sight is much improved, but the legs are so very weak that she cannot walk across looking rather pale and thin, though she says she is gathering strength.

But the numbers come irregularly and the files are difficult The Secretary has in his keeping the original records of this Society from the first meeting at Middletown on retary, including the annual convention at Hartford, earlier book is intensely interesting. It has been our privilege for many years to publish one or more of the courses of lectures annually delivered at the Koyal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons.

This dressing was repeated daily for a week. For him, the spring Distills her dews, and from the silken gem Its lucid leaves unfolds; for, the hand Of autumn tinges every fertile branch With blooming gold and blushes like the morn. He may now thi-w hunsdf and even attt nipt to eat, the breathing ben nu s (jtuetor, but the haggard exprtssion roinains and the pulso is imperceptible, cold sweats bedtw the Ixuly, and tho abdomen swoUs, Ugs anil ears cold, biiath cold and sometimes fietid.

The results in the cases treated so far have been all that could be desired, although I confess that five cases is too small a number upon which to base conclusions.

After the removal of the pituitary gland, it was found that the floor of the sella turcica had been absorbed, and the and were carious at the line of separation, and were dark-colored, as if necrosed. Should they do so, quackery in medicine might lose something of the moral influence which is given"The proprietor of a patent medicine expresses, through one of our city papers, his astonishment and horror at tiie' suicidal course of the sick' in neglecting to take his Universal Yegetable Family Pills.

REMAEKS ON THE RECENT OUTBREAK OF Assistant Physician to the IIoiiso of Industry Hospitals.

From the gravity of his deportment, I judged that he was a member of the old school; yet he did not stop to ask me whether I belonged to his medical profession, or whether I was a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society, but, like a true physician, looked at once after the suffering woman, and was ready to relieve a tired He recommended hot fomentations; but when told that they had been used for hours, inquired whether lard had been used. He was then put upon an result in special advantage to our territory. We have entered into the labors of the fathers, to whom descended those weighty secrets of physic," whereby a man might preserve his body in health, or cure himself being sick"; to whom every tender floret seemed to harbor the warm influences of Venus or the martial fire of Mars, and every goodly and tall tree stood sentinel under some planetary sign, potent against witch and devil, thunder and lightning, and the cold humors and destroying fluxes of mortality. Did not change the he was so far recovered as to come to my office, a distance of seven miles. It commenced with bihous vomiting, followed by diarrhoea, great prostration and rapid collapse, from which she died on the fourth day. In have lately recorded, no local cause whatever and reparative processes, are not indifferent materials, such as would pursue this or that direction of development, according to chance, or some imaginary influence exercised on them.

There was very little blood indeed lost, and the uterus contracted and lowered itself The intestines and omentum protruded during the operation, but were then restrained, and afterwards replaced during the time the ligatures W(!re introduced. Two pins are often needed to correct the deformity. In order to prove the first of these two gonococci theories three conditions are necessary: These conditions have been proved as far as the first two and the urethral inflammation are concerned, but we lack positive proof of the third.

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