Lafleur recounted a case in which the pulsation was exactly similar to that of this case. The skin over the tumor was livid in color, and the nipple was retracted into it. It was certainly a step in the right direction, because if antitoxin was prepared under the supervision of the State Board of Health it would be done properly. Janeway said, an operation would have been advised. Chemical, magnetic, why not vital, all in the same wide sense? Electricity, a name of yesterday. A tentative remark about the digestion of the starchy materials of our food flew past her unheeded.

Lewis believes that the object to be aimed at is the use of some dressing which will combine compression of the part together with exclusion of air, and while collodion fills this indication, ordinary white-lead paint is in his opinion much more satisfactory.

Halsted said that he felt sure that this case, was an example of a peculiar inflammatoiy affection of the lymphatic glands. He further suggests that the acetic acid may, when introduced into the system, be changed by a chemical pi-ocess into lactic acid. We tried hard, but this year we are going to try harder to live"the strenuous life," fighting for the truth as we see it.

To avoid the possibility of laying an instrument down on an unclean surface, and then putting it in the wound soiled, towels wrung out of the antiseptic fluid are spread around the In preparing a part for an operation, an amputation, the surgeon used to do nothing farther than, perhaps, to have superfluous hair shaved off, and that, too, often without soap and water.

Of Hoffman The Ohio State Medical Journal a Journal box number, address letters as follows: Physicians seeking locations in Ohio are invited to contact the Physicians' Placement Service in the executive offices of the Ohio State Medical efforts are made to establish communications between physicians seeking locations and communities where physicians are needed, or other physicians who are in need of associates. The left kidney showed one little white infarct at the surface and running in about one inch.

In all cases please give the number of the query when wriitng anything concerning it.

On the other hand, many leucoplakias, in spite of all treatment, end in carcinoma. An aorto-femoral bypass was performed which allowed the patient to return to gainful employment after an uneventful postoperative course. GAMMA radiations and PATHOGENIC POWER ON TIECCO G GRANIERl H PICCININNO G PENETRATION OF VARIOUS SPECIES OF SALMONELLA INTO WHOLE QUARANTINE PESTS, BERRY FPUIT CULTURE AND GRAPES IN THE THE PHOTOREOUCTION OF KYNURENIC-ACID TO KYNURENINE YELLOW MYCOTIC ABORTION IN COWS DUE TO THE SPECIES EPIDEMIOLOGICAL PROBLEMS OF HUMAN BRUCELLOSIS IN A SHORT NOTE ON THE MOOF OF INCORPORATION OF SULFUR INTO CELLULAR cractIONS OF BARLEY LEAVES. In the majority of cases the disease runs a course closely simulating appendicitis. Heat applied overcomes the local engorgement and hepatization, opens again the air cells, carries off most rapidly the The duration of drug-action depends much on the rapidity of its elimination; especially if it circulates between liver and bowel. Further, it has been suggested by Dr. I shall confirm these propositions by a few cases. Patient had paralysis of the bladder and rectum also.

Cases admitted therein were mostly serious and required urgent and careful attention.

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