Pichchita, when depressed by a heavyweight without swelling. In view of the rarity of the disease, it may be of interest In connection with this case to briefly review the leading features of the small number of years of age, born with two large nevi (port-wine stains) on the left thigh. Hayes related the case of a young woman with pain and tenderness in both inguinal regions, in whom the temperature at no time was more ordinary hot douche and potassium bromide, an application of the faradic coil was made. It was then found that in the field adjoining her cottage there was a dead sheep, which had lain there for a week since it succimibed to that disease. In Bidagdha Ajirna, the bile is deranged, the person has sonr eructations, complains of thirst, is giddy and often dozes. It appeared to be a case Goebel, in Munchener Medicinische Wochenschrift. Take of theBhringaraja (Verbesena scaudens); then add sulphur, and mix for one day; after which expose it to the heat of a sand bath until it IS reduced to ashes. "What it was right to do in this who might be designated a quack was entitled by law to adopt any name or title which would lead the public to believe that he was an authorised practitioner. The influence of temperature is shown by the fact that it is a disease of the tropics and of hot seasons; that it prevails throughout the year in the cities of Eio Janeiro, Havana, and Yera Cruz, although to a much less extent during the cool season; while in more temperate regions its prevalence is limited to the summer season.

Once established, it is doubtful whether the larynx ever returns completely to its normal condition. When necessary to elucidate the text, illustrations "" will be provided without cost to the author. By these experiments it was shown that the normal cord and brain form an inert compound with the toxin of tetanus, while none of the other organs has any such effect. The induration that follows muscle-rupture usually disappears in from two to six months; if deformity is present, greater than may be explained by the character and size of the tumor, it is probably of intra-uterine origin and should be treated on the certain modifications, to the acquired form that has persisted for any length of time; that is, free and early division of all contracted tissues that do not rapidly yield to milder methods, followed by the careful after-treatment which all cases of this character require.

Chancroid being classed as a venereal disease, the physician instinctively thinks that a given ulcer that is presented to him must of necessity have originated in sexual contact. On the right side, a laro-e, projecting, pale red, irregular body, fused with the faucial pillars, evidently the hypertrophied, infiltrated tonsil. Even then there is considerable hope of preserving the foot, especially if the arch is not wholly destroyed. In the ne.xt place, fibroids tend to A large fibroid tumor occupying the vagina may readily be mistaken for an inversion of the uterus. These physicians have free access to various shastres, or commentaries on the sacred Ktariyas lb.- the benefit of their henlth, and Vaidvas for their subststenco. The fetal heart-sounds could not be distinguished. We may not have produced a Virchow, Koch, DuBois Reymond, etc. The venom of the rattlesnake or cobra is fatal to itself when introduced into its circulation. When called to a case of this kind I at once give an injection of morphine and atropine, to which latterly I add a little cocaine. This menstrual contraction of the uterus, which in women In those cases of functional disturbance of the nervous system which are supposed to be related to hysteria or to neurasthenia, even when the genital system is absolutely healthy, we have the so-called nervous dysmenorrhoea, which, I believe, we may consider simply a stigma of hysteria.

These conclusions, which have been fully justified by their subsequent experiments were stated in their"Preliminary Note" as follows: to yellow fever, but, when present, should be considered as a secondary of the further experiments made up to that date.

Usually there is present here a pseudo-system lesion of the posterior and lateral columns in the region of the peripheial vessels; a similar clinical picture is also present in chronic meningitis. During the day the weather was intensely hot, but by evening there was a great change in the temperature, the thermometer falling several degrees.

Let us compare the regulations of the Corporations in respect to the scientific subjects.

In all these cases repeated a tempts had been made by compete) surgeons to relieve the condition by tr knife, but hemorrhage had caused tl scribed by Wyeth, is as follows: Undo of boiling water are injected into tft tumor at the site of entrance of the nt being exercised to lessen the danger ( Available for all Power Purposes, and Write for catalogue and particulars.

Tiie inauguration of a was followed by a rapid decrease of the death-rate from variola, so that of nearly twice as many individuals as did phthisis, which, generally, in According to the interesting report, with map, of Dr. In dogs, extirpation of the pancreas has been followed by diabetes with polyuria, glycosuria, and relation, however, the details of which are not yet understood.

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