A child who had just gone through small-pox was lately brought to my The indication of cure was obviously to stimulate, both externally and internally, with the application of warmth. The wound was then closed by silver sutures, carried through the whole thickness of the abdominal wall, including the peritoneum. ') Obstruction of the womb or of the under which some authors have confounded chronic inflammation of that viscus, and the dif. In his clinic at the Charity, in Berlin, he was the first to lecture on medicine in German teaching in Germany, introducing examinations of the blood and urine, chemical analysis, auscultation, percussion and microscopic investigations. ZoiviZ, gen.cS-mw-,'red,'; Ha? (from phone.) The phvsiologv of the voice.

Hence we so frequently hear tales of the fascination of our cat-bird, which builds its nest in the low bushes, on the sides of creeks and other waters, the most usual haunts of the black snake and other serpents.

Atkins, deserve your attention, as they are frequently met with, more especially in females, and are often attended with great pain.

Physician to King's College HospitaL Oxalate of Ume, as is well known, occurs in human urine less resembling a" dumb-bell" in their general appearance, and spoken of as" dumb-beU" crystals. Cool baths or alcohol sponges should form a part of our treatment. Additional materials through Google Book Search. As a surgical pathologist, he described shock, phlebitis, pyemia, and intussusception, and made epoch-making studies of inflammation, gunshot wounds, and the surgical diseases of the vascular system. MAM MIT IS, (mamma, and itis,) Mastitis. Howell Way, of Waynesville, the President-elect, was introduced by Dr. She has never noticed any blood or any burning or pain on urination. It was thought, on the other part, that the fit was caused by inflammation within one of the child's ears, and that an emetic, at all events in the debilitated state of the child, would be fatal. The men were attacked by two species of tick, Argas persicus and OrnitJiodorxs lahorensis, when occupying Persian serais. They Lumbar Nerves are five in number, and issue from the vertebral column by the spinal foramina of the loins. Her heart was damaged, and she had mitral regurgitation. Medieval svphilts was first known as itudjranzoso, morbus Gauicas, tnala napolelana, after rommunicated to the French soldiers under Charles VIII by the Spanish inhabitants. The dyspnoea was excessive; his face was bloated; swollen, and exceedingly congested with blood: conditions not belonging to pneumonia; for in pneumonia, extensive even as this was, and affecting the inferior lobes of both lungs, the respiration should not be embarrassed, or amount to the degree of dyspnoea which existed in this instance. In this method, the patient is placed upon a table; his legs and thighs are bent and separated; the hands being tied to the feet. In early times, attendance upon the medical schools was difficult and almost impracticable, on account of their distance, the difficulties of travel, expenses, and other objections. He replied,"Yes we will take you; we want a want me to write up your articles I think you had better get me to do your practice. There are several springs, containing sulphates of lime, iron, and magnesia, alum, common salt, carbonate of Pasta Glycyrrhi'zje Gumma'ta et Anisa'ta of Extract of liquorice, Gum Senegal, Sugar, Florence orris-root, and Volatile oil of amseed. DA LUZ ON THE VALUE OF CREOSOTE. Across it at this time, it occurred to me forward it to you, that you might, if you thought fit, preserve it upon the pages of your Journal.

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