A concrete oil contained in the Fatty Liver. At once, in either mercuric chloride or Flemming's solution; the glands from the different regions were kept separate.

Essai sur la Ducluzaux (Leonard Adrien). I must still refer to an antiseptic which is superior to others. About the summer solstice, scanty rains, and great cold until near the season of the Dog-star. I have, therefore, placed them in the second class.

The vesicles vary in size from a pin's head to a lentil, and may be acuminate, forming the apices of papules, or rounded, appearing on apparently healthy skin or developing on a red basis. No remedies such as those I have mentioned appeared to have the smallest eflfect in reducing the vomiting, and the man was becoming rapidly emaciated from his inability to take food. In connection with this research Lindenmann made interesting observations on the pathology of inanition in animals, and was able to exclude by comparison simple inanition as a cause for the lesions in the case CESAREAN Section with Oophorectomy for Osteomalacia.. No better proof of this view can be desired than was furnished by this patient's case, since the disease persisted without change as long as those inHuences operating upon the nervous system lasted, but disappeared after their removal and cassation, the woman regaining her health and remaining free from the dermatosis. For the names of its various preparations see Hydrargyrum, Pilula, Hydrargyri, and Unguentum. A gag-tooth, a tooth which projects or stands out from DEN'TAGRA. This color deepens, but without any impairment of the physiological effects of the alteration, although we had not adopted any particular precautions.

Die regelniaessige Geburt des Meuscheu unci ihre Pflege. Before removing the tube from the artery he disconnects it from the india-rubber tube that goes to the bottle, attaches to it another and fresh piece of tubing, and then with a syringe injects into the artery a few ounces (four to six ounces are sufficient) of a saturated watery solution of silicate of soda. A treatise on the causes, constitutional effects and treatment of Coates (Benjamin Hornor). The -lowly spud was once his hobby Then Medicine claimed Ted Tanabe; The'tater's loss was thus our gain. In other cases, in which the dyspnoea con stitutes a purely compensatory manifestation, any attempt at lessening the irritability of the respiratory centres may, under certain circumstances, be fraught with danger, although this remedy may even then occasionally assist in relieving this distressing symptom. Whether a commentary upon a work of an earlier time, and one that has been entirely lost, or of an independent origin, it is to-day a most comprehensive treatise upon disease and the general conditions of health, written in an inimitable style and containing many aphorisms of striking truth and wonderful beauty. If properly bandaged, the acromion becomes free of pain in a few broken across it is more easily treated, but when broken obliquely it is more difficult to manage. But do they not have any share at all of air or fire in the origin of their substance? Indeed, if you soak earth with water, you will have nothing more than mud.

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