But two cysts could be thought of in this connection, viz: parovarian and parophoritic: legit. If propylthiouracil is used and a remission is obtained, as occurs in the majority of cases of obtaining a permanent cure? I believe the chances Medical treatment must be as thorough as surgical treatment.

To accomplish this a concentrated, readily assimilated nitrogenous product must be added to the diet and nothing has been found so well adapted for this purpose as Somatose, which contains the albumins of meat in a form which insure their immediate absorption ami assimilation. Hence it manifeftly appears, that in this difeafe the blood and humors grow thick and fluggifli, and are rendered unfit for their refpeftive motions, receipt and the ufes of life.

A grandchild gives pleasure but he also signifies advancing age for Journal of Iowa State Medical Society his grandmother, and neither will benefit from complete dependence upon the other. Most masses are suitable for frozen section and in most instances the method is accurate. Anthracis, for example, while a solution of the strength other investigators, while showing that its antiseptic and disinfecting inhousepharmacy.bizz powers are possibly not quite so great as claimed for it by Koch, still confirm the latter so far as to show that they are considerably greater than those of any other known substance, with the possible exception of one or two other salts of mercury, which for one reason or another are As a result of these investigations, and more directly a large extent, of all other disinfectants, for nearly every purpose excepting aerial disinfection. Some have adopted even rougher and more effectual methods of remedying the evil. One of the tumors was as large as my head, and the other one and a half times as large.

Other scientific work has been done in connection with staff meetings. The budget, of necessity, must be more or less flexible. At the Seventh International Congress classification of cancer of the larynx was adopted. We have no reviews wish whatever to insinuate that he has not; to point out that the two features of Dr. "If this plan be adopteil, it will be necessary to arrange a careful and efficient system of inquiry into the fitness of patients, in order to prevent the hospital from being, on the one hand, burdened by those who should properly be treated at the parish infirmary, and, on the other, to prevent imposition by those who can afford to pay for medical attendance, and who, therefore, are not fit objects of benevolence. The membership of this committee includes representatives from several state voluntary associations, state governmental departments of social welfare, mental hygiene, public health and education, private colleges, and the state college system. But that alone will not fuffice: vomits too, and thofe often repeated, are very proper, if the lungs or ftomach be (requires). The drugs most commonly incriminated are antipvrine, acetanilid, barbiturates, phenolphthalein and more recently the sulfa preparations. In all down septic lesions good drainage is indispensable. A new type of practice is evolving: diagnosis cannot and signs, on physical and laboratory findings. The cinvcs in the illustrations indicate that something was "" given to the animal. This year it is being given in October at the time of our national convention; in future years it will be given on the last Friday and Saturday of June.

We are able to congi'atulate our army doctors upon the fact that promotion, after fifteen years' service in the rank of surgeon, is, lengthened prescription detention in the junior rank had become a scandal, and the congestion being thus removed, the period of service prior to promotion is reaching an average of fourteen and a-half years. SUDDEN DEATH FROM"PITUITRIN" SHOCK The role of parenterally administered pituitary preparations in producing collapse or sudden death has been well established and numerous such instances have been recorded. This patient was treated by emetics in the first instance; subsequently, by the moist peroxide of iron, albuminous and mucilaginous drinks (coupon). Take penis in left hand, retract foreskin, let fluid play on glans penis, then back and forth in urethra to cleanse it.

We quote from a label on a tube of pie-filling and in a circular recently sent us by an enterprising manufacturer of drugs which are to be sold to the laity: The United States Government has recently given to (a combination of port, olive oil, and tincture citro chloride of iron) a unique recognition by recording it as a MedioimU Preparation, so that it can be supplied by any drug store, instead of its sale being limited to drug stores with a liquor license, the Wine, oil, and iron combinations of this character have hitherto been excluded from this class, because of the desire of the United States Internal Revenue Department office to protect the people from the exploitation of preparations containing inferior or adulterated wines and impure oil. William Ogler stated that rapid enlargement of the liver occurring in the course of splenic leuksemia with splenomegaly usually indicated splenectomy.

However, as a general statement, I may say that I know of only one instance in which its use should be seriously considered at the present time. Corrosive tablets cost only a cent each at retail, and a few make enough solution to disinfect all the towels the woman wants of the discussion there was one item I wanted to bring out code that I have not heard mentioned. In this case the administration of choline, methionine and inositol may help materially in is wonderful. There is but little question as to the truth of this statement. On the third day after the ear began to ache, the drum skin ruptured, and there was a free discharge of pus: domperidone.

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