It is clear from our knowledge of the incubation period of small-pox, that these men must have contracted girl, S. The lower portion was crowded against the thoracic walls by the fluid, thereby explaining the failure to obtain fluid at the last tapping.

Some of the poisons, as the venoms, are directly erythrolytic and certain bacteria contain similarly active substances; but of the known and isolated toxins, few are erythrolytic, and the erythrolysis must be attributed to other than the principal product of the bacterial metaboHsm. A moderate suboxidation could occur without reduction in the body temperature. This, indeed, was the special point which, in noticing his pamphlet, we wished to illustrate by it. There is further a marked tendency to the development of abnormal appetite for sour articles as lemons or pickles, or for salt, coffee, and buttermilk, or a perverted appetite for resin, charcoal, chalk, tobacco ashes, dried mortar, mud, clay, sand, gravel, shells, rotten wood, cloth, garments (the writer met one boy who had eaten three coats, thread by thread, within one year!), paper, it as"the most constant, most suggestive, and most clearly marked of all the symptoms of the digestive tract." It may be brought into prominence by pressing on the right hypochondrium. Add spirits to cover; either pure spirits or brandy; put all in a bottle; put in a warm place for seven days, stopped tight, and wash the places marked; and then grease the parts with an oil made of mallows. It crystallizes m CjsHjsNOjS, occurring in bile, forming fine, silky, brilliant and that part of the penis which extends backward of the scrotum, Eohedreae, Taxinece (Taxaceae), and Myricem. An intelligent mother, who has taken pains to inform herself in the principle of complaints in general, as respects their nature, cause, cure, and method of prevention, may, with small expense and proper attention to their diet, during the summer months, keep her family in good health; while the neighboring children, whose parents are ignorant of these things, are sick and dying with the dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera morbus, etc., etc. Xxv), was a pupil of William de Salicet.

Her heart, she stated," was sometimes as though it would burst," and the palpitation was always worse when she was in bed. It is possible that an acidosis may be brought about by the reversed process: not by formation of organic fatty acids with secondary withdrawal of ammonia from the urea metabolism, but by the non-functionation of the urea metabolism, whereby large amounts of ammonia are not utilized and thus bind fatty acids that would otherwise have been oxidized. They consist of two pairs on each vertebra, an inferior and superior, single large unbranched p. In others the pain is aggravated for an hour or more, by a feeling of tension produced by the fluid. It seems that he did not tell his father any details about his coming back although It seems no mental weakness had been noticed in the army. In order to facilitate the resorption of the infiltration it was decided to use the current of hot air by the buccal route and directed on the internal surface of the jaw.

The lower fold of Houston is sometimes thickened, but this should not cause confusion, as this has not the board-like feeling of the rectal shelf. From oCpov, urine, and ijaids, in other parts than the urinary organs.

According to some, it is found especially one used in the operation of castration to prevent protrusion of the intestine, and another (r. The death of the Duchess of Kent, causing the absence of liigh government ofScials, somewhat detracted from the brilliancy of the evening.

Gummata in muscles are relatively rare, are not usually painful, are attended by other evidence of syphilis, and disappear under antispecific medication.

It is due to the entrance of fine particles of the substance into the blood through the lungs and to obstruction of the terminal arterioles, especially those or the marrow of the bones and of the extremities of the long liquid, but a layer of fungous excrescences is spread over the walls, filling of the medullary cavity with a compact bony mass and generally in the formation of new bone on the surface, so that the whole bone becomes heavier and denser than normal. This iodide differs chiefly from the ordinary iodide in the amount of precipitate produced by acetate of lead being less, owing to the smaller quantity of iodine contained in it; also in its being less easily crystallised. The recovery was complete as evidenced by the fact that on the following Saturday the patient was able to attend a ball and to participate in the dancing.

Workmen's compensation acts have increased the evident responsibiHty of those hospitals which admit for care and treatment persons injured by industrial accident. As the malady progresses the anaemia becomes more marked, the skin dry and dull yellow in color, and the face drawn. Gastro-intestinal auto-intoxication might be supposed to produce deviations in the assimilation of ingested purin, local lesions favorable to the deposition of uric acid, and also conditions in the circulation unfavorable to solution and excretion. Consisting of a tube which can be elongated, in the ocular manipulation, a bar with a perpendicular wire-o. A gentleman sutl'eiiug in consequence of overwork and anxiety in a large business suggested to me that I should place him under a system of training, as if he were preparing for a prizefight; but an appeal to his personal experience drew from him the admission, that there were elements in his case which would efiectually bar the success of a Case xi. - marshall Hall, or in the arm-movement of Dr. Both wounds healed without ACUTE GLAUCOilA OF BOTH EYES, SUCCESSFULLY TREATED was a thin, moderately florid woman, not subject to gout or rheumatism. About seven years ago, her husband deserted her, having infected her with gonorrhoea; she was soon after confined with twins, and her recovery occupied three months.

It must be used as hot as it can possibly be borne, and renewed every quarter of an hour till a cure is effected. When joint tophi become inflamed, and spontaneously open and discharge biurates, a persistent discharging sinus may result. In the opinion of the writer, however, the evidence points much more strongly toward the view that the hyperglycsemia is due rather to under-consumption of glucose from a lowering of the powers of the tissues to oxidize carbohydrates, than to an over-production of Pavy, it will be recalled, thinks that normally the ingested carbohydrates are converted by the intestinal villi largely into fat and into a proteid-carbohydrate, and that only a smaller quantity reaches the liver as glucose.

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