At the present time, this idea of water (such as the Kneipp water-cure) have likewise vanished and been forgotten. Thus she goes on, day after day, trying to make her little darlings as comfortable as possible, hardly thinking of herself, or even daring to look forward to quarter-day. The albumin was rarely as much as a trace and the casts in the vast majority of the cases rare. It was with this idea in view that I undertook a study of a small series of cases of and selected at random from cases delivered fairly evenly distributed through these years.

Of Trustees and Scientific Works Committee will be held at the Washington Athletic Club on Saturday evening. The appearance of these suggilations usually indicates a severe infection. The solutions were either prepared by stock solution. During over forty years of this period many of the burdens of professional life have been borne by Dr. To give you an analogy which every one wilt understand, the ophthalmic ointment of Desault often aggravates the inflammation of the edge of the eyelid, which, on the contrary, it appeases when mixed with three parts of cerate. It is considerably more inclusive than the previous edition and has many new illustrations and a new index. Marks' Hospital in New York City. Recently, especially during the past few years, the market has been fiooded with various concoctions of cemmercial houses supposed to be good for every ailment to which man is heir. It is impossible for any man to make a thorough examination of his own teeth. Pellagrous insanity is of two varieties: one, in which there is a hereditary taint, and the fact that the individual does not eat the proper d'et causes pellagra to develop and also increases the amount of mental disturbance, necessitating care at our State Hospital for the Insane; and the other characterized by a toxic condition usually with symptoms cent of admissions are pellagrins. Exposed to accidents of a dreadful nature, which Irave been attributed inr brain or general economy, wasting the force of the patient, occasioning, wound is healed by the first intention, we obtain the following advantages: reaction on the head or principal viscera; however, says M.

A FIRST NAME IN COMBINED TOXOIDS Advertisers in YouR JOURNAL will appreciate inciuiries. Transfixion treatment in supracondylar fractures by allowing movement in the knee-joint prevents fibrous adhesions with a consequent earlier restoration of knee-joint function. Had they a good knowledge of city customs, and the manner of doing a city business? No. Determination of these results is difficult for there are too few series of cases with adequate follow-up. He, however, agreed to cut it down as much as possible. Any of you, on reflection, can call up cases of the kind.

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