Great Britain makers and photographers are much interested in the display, and will participate effectively whether their Government takes official part or not. Preternatural extension of a bronchus, from disease.

Sequestra are seldom met with. Several years ago I was advised to eliminate meat that summer and eat all the fruit I wished. Bimanual examination made, but no information was obtained, mainly because the patient strained hard imder the anaesthetic. The operator catches this protrusion with the intestinal clips and secures it by slipping their handles into the notches, thus stretching the rubber and providing a watertight contact.

Other means of increasing the central resistance by peripheral impressions, especially by daily faradisation of the limb with a wire brush, and by circular sinapisms, I have not Attacks which begin by other warnings are sometimes arrested by other forms of peripheral sensory impression, by a strong gustatory sensation, as by chewing a piece of ginger; by a strong olfactory impression, as by the application of ammonia to the nostrils, or by swallowing a handful of common salt (Nothnagel).

It may be well for me to add that the. Even then, the difference in means of locomotion between the two countries would make the difficulties in the way of holding meetings hardly comparable. This, from the firmness of the tumour, and its strong connexion with the periosteum, was a task of the greatest difficulty.

Thus the vessel, instead of being surrounded by loose and yielding structures, as in the natural state, was attached through the medium of the osteo-fibrous band to the coracoid process on the one hand, and the neck of the humerus on the other; and when these were separated from one another by the attempts at reduction, the artery, as well as the band, was necessarily subjected to violent traction. Similar fits (which were single) recurred at the same hour on the two following mornings. Tlie pelvis and femur were both affected.

In Carre's freezing apparatus, the gas ammonia is liquefied hy its own pressure. Some practitioners hold that rheumatism is easily acquired; some that it is mostly transmitted by inheritance. Published in the" Transactions of in corroboration of former views, fortified by additional cases and observations.

To my mind, one of the most valuable features in connection with tuberculin treatment is the fact that sanatorium treatment is not by any means a sine qud non. Often this symptom is the first to direct the attention to the breast. The temperature of the arm was increased, and the Towards six o'clock in the morning of the third day, the dressings were again tinged with blood.

I know that some may object to this practice as unnecessary and even harmful, but I am satisfied that by adopting this plan, we not only prevent septic trouble during the puerperium, but in the majority of cases, secure healing of the wound without the attendant parametritis which is really the most serious and permanent result of laceration of the cervix, as well as normal involution. If, as the result of the Royal Commission on Small-pox Hospitals, conclusive evidence should be forthcoming of the dissemination of small-pox by the outer air, it would become necessary to note if other infectious diseases might not spread in the same way.