To say we do not treat croup too much is to say that we have improved. The operation consisted in taking a square flap out of the groin, with its base towards the exposed mucous surface of the bladder, and turning it back over the latter, with its raw surface upwards. Another important symptom was subjective The diagnosis mainly rests on the atrophy of the muscles, with a loss of contractility, and in all its symptoms closely resembles infantile paralysis. In neurasthenia it is one of the most troublesome symptoms with which we have to deal. Unilateral, making its appearance about middle life as a uniform swelling, which irregular, and quickly breaking down and ulcerating, leaving a protruding fungous mass. Medicine is not so clear as most other sciences.

To have originated the diseased condition of his knee-joint, dates back about twelve years, at which time the joint was severely wounded by a drawijig-knife. On the same day the patient was applied in the same manner as before, with ether and pulleys.

We found that it had been contained in the right ovary, which had burst and allowed its escape. These several conditions may lead to very similar consequences, so that in the progress of a case there may be an occasional difficulty in deciding upon which of the conditions mentioned the existing symptoms depend. One of but the patients should be carefully watched from day to day, and identical treatment and precautions should be carried out with those described Attempts have been made to reduce corpulency by hydrotherapy upon the hypothesis that cold bathing favorably influences the heatregulating functions of the body and modifies nutrition, but the results have proved disappointing, except in so far as the treatment acts as an The systems of treatment in vogue at many of the foreign mineral springs are of benefit to cases of moderate severity, notably the hot alkaline sodium-sulphate baths. General Meeting for the Elcctiin'sir.

It has been stated that giant cells are not always present; but this would seem to depend upon the stage to which the process had advanced. Of nature good, of cheerful mind," In sense.ind mirth.agree to pjiss The time till nine in circling gl.ass; Then home to sleep, and rise next light"With spirits lively, g,iy, and bright.

It is original, and must be considered a marked step in the progress of gynaecology. Rarely, if ever, is there observed any homicidal tendency, nor are they, as a rule, actively destructive. The cortical anomalies consist principally in rudimentary development of the convolutions, shown by imperfect markings or by an aberrant development (microgyria), or one hemisphere or certain lobes only may be rudimentary. With the temperature depressed to a quarter of a degree cent, above zero, the no longer presented the mean term; this solution now occ;isioiicd endosmosis towards the water, which indicated that the mean term was to be (ought for in a more dense solution of tartaric acid,:iiid tliis I actually found in a solution of and every solution of the same acid, under the from the acid towards the water. Very myopic eyes are especially liable to it, and the liability increases with age. This, however, is not given in the dispensary. After taking this latter combination for a week the pains were much relieved. The scapula, lumbar vertebroe, and orbits have all been affected. This membrane lines the parietes of the body, and is reflected over the contained parts; at least it covers the stomach and ccEca, and probably also the ovaries and vesicles of the feet; opposite the perforated pits it sends prolongations (i, b,) through the holes into the tubes, as may be easily seen on stripping ofl" a portion There can be no doubt that sea-water enters the peritoneal cavity.

Whatever its cause, it must have been independent of the divided gustatory nerve. Partridge to answer an information and summons exhibited by Mr. In pericarditis without effusion the writer advises locally, and opium, digitalis, milk diet, and perhaps the nitrates internally. Jkffkies refciTed to the cases of lieri:)es zoster facialis, which is now generally believed to be due to an affection of the ganglion of the iifth nerve. Propert's care for the"less fortunate" members of our fraternity, the" Epsom College," by which name I speak of it, thoroughly acquiescing in all that you and Dr. Then by expulsive expiratory efforts, as in straining and coughing, air is forced into it until the tension becomes as great as that of the intrathoracic air during the most violent of these efforts. Stimulants are necessary to ward off tlie dangerous stage of exhaustion which accompanies or follows acute maniacal excitement, and is contraindicated only when there is excessive The fluid extract of ergot is used to overcome the cerebral hyperaemia, which is an attendant upon many phases of insanity, and acts by exercising a controlling influence upon the calibre of the intercranial vessels by virtue of its power over the non-striated muscular fibres and cells contained in the contractile coats of the vessels. Mills advises against high altitudes in cases of hysteria. The cavity was packed with orthoform and in a short time all pain was relieved and the patient could eat with no inconvenience. Hie undulalory motion of tlie stomach is more especially effected by tlie circular fibres, while the longitudinal fibres are more effective in the jirogressive motion of its contents from The alimentiiry mass is now to undergo the last of the three clianges to which we referred above, its conversion from chyine into chyle. Primary cancer of the pancreas is often latent. Tliey were less red, and some exudation was observed on the posterior surface of the uvula ou tlie eleventh day. If that be so in some cases, it cannot be the rule, for, as I said, starving babies do Nor can deficiency of absorption be at fault.

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