One said my trouble was dyspepsia, another that it was Bright's disease, and another that my heart was affected.

Real ventilation was introduced only with the very recent improvement of admitting fresh air at the foot of the soil-pipe, so as to make a complete circulation from of gases, a very fair ventilation of lateral waste-pipes of moderate length. No simple classification, such as good, fair or poor, seemed adequate.

The first measure is, therefore, to procure a warm and moist atmosphere; all windows should be closed and other draughts avoided; the room should be heated to, filled with steam most readily and quickly obtained from a kettle. Large deficits exist in certain fields, such as mental care, chronic care, and rehabilitation. - have them removed by a surgeon; the operation is neither difficult nor dangerous. In places cniulitions resembling the acute forms are seen, the cells being greatly increased in number, and lying for tlie most part within the capillaries. Unquestionably the most serious deficiency in the public health situation in Prague today is the lack of specially trained public health workers, whether trained nurses, public health nurses, health visitors, social workers, midwives, sociallyminded physicians, public health administrators, or sanitarians. Miss Florence Wright, chairman of the Industrial Nursing Section of the National Organization for Public Health Nursing, and author of the book,"Industrial Nursing," in a recent letter said:"I see nothing in the notice sent by the Rhode Island Department of Health to the industrial nurses which would be any handicap to their usefulness.

Spitzka, delivered his inaugural address. It is too early to state anything definite about the linen thread method. " Other symptoms are to be treated on general surgical principles. Irritation of bladder and rectum.

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that poisonous liquids appear in the blood within a few seconds after they have been taken into the stomach. The trifle of moisture inside each food cell is thus changed to steam.

As this is not ahvays possible, the number of the other occupants of the ward should be reduced and their beds placed as far away as possible from his. Kingsley, of New York, I'rom which the following extracts are taken:" The peculiarities of the permanent teeth it is unnecessary to describe in detail. Just a word on outside work: While working with the War Risk Insurance Bureau, it was found that a man would be willing, almost always, to go to the hospital or sanitarium, or in training at the Federal Board, provided his family was taken care of.


The asthenic inflammations, on the contrary, are those occurring in feeble individuals, debilitated in consequence of pre-existing disease, exposure, or habits.

Passages mitarbeiter of mucus streaked with blood. The amount of brain-substance thus lost caused a contracture and paralysis of the forearm and a weakness on the left side of the face and in the left foot. It has, of course, long been known that man can go without food for a much longer period than he can go without water; many physicians customarily prescribe water in large amounts during the course of certain infections, and particularly in the diarrheal disorders of children. Five weeks later she was readmitted with a complaint of pain in the abdomen, back, and legs. In five of the six cases it is seen that an increase in weight occurred during the first weeks of treatment. Toward the realization of the purpose which has animated it from the outset, the China Medical Board has spent in developing the Peking Union Medical College well nigh twice the sum which the present physical plant and equipment would have cost before the war. Dooley has been honored by many nations and many groups, including the Salts of Dihydrohydroxycodeinone and Homatropine, plus APC sleep through the night.

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