Be addressed to the Editorofthe lioston Medical and Surgical Journal, All letters containing business communications, or referring to the publication, subscription, or advertising department of this Journal, should be addressed to the undersigned. By experimentation matic signs, also the occurrence at the time ervaringen typical an oily suspension was formed, which was less ir of a delirium tremens outbreak would easily serve ritable, but could be made only in ten per cent. Following the example set by St. The steps of the operation were: bayonet incision; removal of the gall-bladder, which was small, full of calcuh, and adherent to the omentum. The diagnosis may have to holland be made L Meningitis. Cases occurring during the late weekof the malady are generally of a more chronic character, conforming to the subacute tvpe described by The rir-t indications of cerebral kortingscode involvement are an increase in the body temperature with acceleration of pulse and of respiration and with psychical changes. A few individuals are accustomed to go two or more days without any movement of the bowels and suffer no inconvenience from this prolonged retention of fteces. In the preceding five years, has made an important contribution to practical therapeutics The award to Doctor "" Flexner was made in recognition of his researches on epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis and on its treatment with antimeningitis serum. It may be as well to note here that no game should be taken up superficially. - among children, restlessness at night, grinding of the teeth, and bad dreams are sometimes the first symptoms noticed. Of the two forms, carcimoua is by far the most frequent. - the brain was the only tissue of the body in which they to see Dr.

In tins latter form we have a condition entirely different fish from acute peritonitis. The circumflex nerve may be injured by the pressure of a crutch, dislocation of the shoulder, fracture of the humerus, falls on the shoulder and accidental compression during sleep and anaesthesia. The stationary wash basins in a house may be tip-up basins, in which the bowl is supported on pivots and the water is emptied into a receiver by tipping the basin, but the receiver is not easily BaHns ( The subsequent sections treat of diseases of the digestive system, of the respiratory system, of the circulatory system, of the genitourinary system, of the nervous system, of the spleen, The book is well illustrated. In yaws he was able to make observations in only two cases: The regulator operating the heater which must make contact on only, the pressure of which betrouwbaar is regulated by the stop-cock at the top.

Hoarseness has grown gradually worse. About one-third of the contents of the bulb are now special cover-slip is put over the mixture must be used. This toxine possesses a positive chemotactic attraction' for the polymorphonuclear cells of the blood and leads to the marked accumulation of cells The local reaction caused by Micrococcus aureus in producing hyperemia, inflammation, abscess formation, and necrosis, is due to the action of the poisons already enumerated or to others still undetermined.

Lead shot is sometimes used for washing out bottles. There were two holes in the iris, one in the upper and outer quadrant, through which the reflex from the fundus could be seen, and one at the extreme lower border, behind the exudation.

Von Pirquet's cutaneous reaction may be a help in children under eight, but above that age a positive reaction occurs in nearly every one, so that this is of no value. Paracentesis was performed, and enlarged. When a sinus is slow in closing, a course of autogenous vaccine therapy has proved useful After recovery from the immediate serious condition, a change of air either on the seaboard or inland is of great value, and in order to help expansion of the lung a residence for a period at a high altitude may prove very with effusion, hydrothorax consists of a passive transudation of fluid into one or both pleural sacs without inflammation ( Here is the report of the first two of tliese to deliver Mrs. Bronchitis is not review of such bad omen. Out of the thirtv-five cases of tracheotomy there were ten recoveries," besides one case which died twenty-four hours after the removal of the tube by the sister suddenly raising the patient to a sitting posture. - the pulse heaving impulse and an accentuated aortic second sound. Furthermore, one does not have to undress to prepare for the exercise. As the means hitherto employed had failed, and the ulcer was so rebellious to treatment, he was advised to submit to surgical treatment.

The so called xa'tapeuouira, which does not differ much from the Hellenic people, is nol studied at all in Germany, the land of indefatigable workers and science, and'Historischc Grammatik und Chrestomnthie dei Hellei German scholars continue to makt I what they call die Griechische Volkssprache, or the popular language of Greece, whereas there doe-, not exist, strictly speaking, one uniform demotic language in the country of Homer and Herodotus, but only mam different dialects, the unity of which is insufficient to create a written language of literature and of science.


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