The physician should not forget the possibility of wall paper poisoning, and, in ill-defined and suspicious cases of sickness, he would do well to cause the wall paper to be submitted to a chemical test.

There are, it!s true, some thing? lacking, such as the technics of surgical treatment of this growth, for which Kelly and Cullen refer to others of their publications; but it would seem, to us that pages the authors might be expected tc include a thorough consideration of the surgery- of the disease. If the legs are cold rub well and bandage them Allow plenty of fresh air to get to the animal and blanket accordmg to the season of the year. We would call attention to the remarks upon malaria in children, malarial infection the author describes conjugation of malarial parasites within the red corpuscles, which, he maintains, produces a form different from the gametocytes, which serves to produce recurrences under favorable conditions. Before his discovery of the bacillus, Koch claimed that tuberculosis and scrofulosis were identical in origin but he had no proof of the identity.

An anxiety having been manifested to ascertain the cause of the death, the author made an examination of the animal, which, upon dissection, proved the disease to be a genuine case of the socalled pleuro-pneumonia.

The way to tell if the sinuses are much affected is to tap on the bone over the sinuses with the finger, if it gives a dull sound like as though the sinuses were full, you may eeaclude that they are diseased, but if it gives a hollow drumlike sound, you may come to the conclusion that the sinuses ure not much affected and there i.s more hope of recovery, Aa tka becoming affected. On the second day the ointment is to be rubbed on the inner side of one thigh, on the third on the other thigh, on the fourth again on the abdomen, on the fifth on one of the thighs, and on the sixth on the remaining thigh. I am therefore glad to be able to supplement the evidence by the the front of the lens. In the second place, premature labor almost of necessity involves the destruction of the child, and thereby jeopardizes two lives, whereas in labor at full term the life of the child is not necessarily complicated by reason of the existence of cardiac disease in the mother.

McLane Tiffany said the fracture of the orbital plate was probably the result of counter-stroke. In retouren this case these were all wanting. He regards this procedure in the light of an operation, and always calls within forty-eight hours to remove the tampon. If each pupil is well grounded in all these branches he has what democratic society undertakes to give him, the essential elements of all human culture, and men can do much toward furthering the work of medical inspection in schools, and it is to them that the children of the State must look for benefit in physical, mental, and medical ways. The main objection to the ordinary dressing of cottonwool, gauze, etc., is that it conceals the wound from view, so that inflammation, secondary hemorrhage, and other accidents, cannot be detected at their onset, and may become only too well established before the surgeon becomes aware of their existence. Her hearing, subsequently, became normal.

In the gambrel roofed house at Cambridge Oliver Wendell Holmes was bom. At the end of twentyfour hours a mycoderma of B. Lacerations of the cervix uteri are more pronounced, and are more apparent to the experienced observer. The perineum was very rigid; and delivery was effected, by means of the forceps, of a child weighing nine pounds, without any laceration of the perineum. Had been under my treatment for several months with only tempwrary improvement, the last upper molar of the left side was removed by a surgeon in Boston. Babies may be checked, and the happy mothers may nurse them during the entr'actes. With a view of scrupulously locking the door after the usual equine ravishment, we may remind our readers that these phenomena are probably preventable by careful attention to the toilet of the nose and throat, night and morning. Greater dilutions required a longer period to effect the destruction of the bacilli, and in all instances the phenyl-propionic acid showed the greater potency. Schulten obtained similar results by another method. It was situated in the parenchyma, and was about the size of a large nut, the wall being thick and containing calcareous granules.

Some yield their milk in a copious flow, with the gentlest handling that can be given them; others require great exertion to draw the milk from them even in streams no larger than a thread. But it took but little time and common sense, and the application of known physical laws, to demonstrate that the trap per se was useless. It was the first case which he had had in which the patient got finally well after such invasion of the lung and pleura. If, however, the acute condition does not subside, it finally passes over into the chronic state.

Most men are probably as little conscious of their death as of their birth. The living cell secretes at each moment toxic products which the economy has to eliminate by its different emunctories.