Now at this juncture the staff physician is notified that the patient has been admitted for sterilization. Can the mere filling of the vagina, then, and any thing further is yet impracticable, prevent the effusion of blood between the bleeding vessels to be compressed, situated as they are so remote from the means of compression? But again, suppose the cervix to be sufficiently dilated to admit the introduction of a tent, how or in what manner can that the fundus? I must be allowed to insist, then, that the doctor's indiscriminate advocacy of the tampon is a plain violation of the simj plest mechanical principles. Sweeney, Craig Wright, Alice Robie Resnick, Paul E. If, to admit the existence of chancre, we require the presence of a character of chancre does not exist in the form, color, base of the may be determined by inoculation. Second title-page of his: Studien iiber den Meclianismus. It is patchy in distribution at first, with a tendency to spread. We have strong faith in the virtue of medicinal agents, and believe that much can be done by their judicious administration in robbing scarlet fever of its liorrible malignity and giving relief to its prostrated and suffering victims, but we do not believe, as before observed, that under existing circumstances we can, by any special plan of treatment cut short the disease, or in other words, in the majority of cases cure the patient.

Since the last additions were made at the Hospital new methodologies for diagnosis, treatment and research have been brought to light.

She required digitalis and bedrest until January her physician considered that she was"really much better" and nursing home arrangements were being made. Children affected in a marked degree with this diathesis rarely live to adult age; but in some instances the diathesis diminishes or ceases after childhood; and, if it continue in a moderate or slight degree, it may not interfere with good health and longevity. Due to endo-ectothrix species derived from ani BOSTON MEDICAL AND SUBOWAL JOURNAL mal sources like the calf, the hen, or other animal, producing colored or white cultures. The propriety of precautions against contagion lias been already referred to. Amongst these, may be mentioned our ignorance of anatomy. Four weeks afterward, the sac havmg inflamed and suppurated, it opened spontaneously, and such a discharge of blood followed as reduced the patient to an extreme condition before the nurse, who had been fully instructed, could arrest it by pressure. I have seen fifteen or twenty cases in which this dryness of the skin, thirst, excessive urination, etc., were the chief symptoms. They are asserted to be unfair, unequal, and graduuated not to the services rendered, but solely to the amount possible to obtain. The days when a miracle could deliberately be performed and pass unquestioned are past, and in our time no apparent sanctity will prevent the prying philosophers, with their sceptical eyes, from poking and probing and crossquestioning the author thereof. However, judging by the general appearance of this patient, and by the"heart murmurs," we can scarcely err in giving her iron. Secretary's acknowledgment of letter received. A bottle was found which had contained tinct. In doing so we would avoid a trial where multiple defendants would be arguing in front of the jury.

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