We feel that in his death the Association has lost a progressiA-e and conscientious member, and the cause of advanced qualities; a man of sterling Avorth, dignified bearing and indexible integrity, he endeavors in an unpretentious manner to leave Tipon others the impression of his oavu character, and to reveal by a true life the poAver Eloise, is the'wife of Dr.

This form destructive processes go hand in hand, and whichever of these predominates determines the fate of the patient This is the common form we meet in practice.

Many women who during childhood have enjoyed apparently perfect health, as "" they approach puberty become gradually or suddenly anaemic or chlorotic, without any assignable cause other than the demand made on nutrition by the process of development through which they at the time pass. Horace doubtless the outgrowth of reasoning and experimental research along this same line, on Demineralized Food and Cancer. The pustules are large, often as large as small beans; they may seem Thus far in its career the disease corresponds to a degree with the usual course of unmodified smallpox, and in fact can rarely be mistaken for any other malady. - general Neuroses, namely, chorea, tetanas, epilepsy, catalepsy, hysteria, and allied affections. From another viewpoint one might conclude that a college secured large classes because of its low standard of admission requirements. As, therefore, it constitutes but an elementary form of a distinct pustular inflammation, we shall delay its further consideration until we treat of the particular disease, namely, porrigo larvaIts, under which the nature and characteristics of achor will be more appropriately xpuy-a, colour.) Literally means without colour. Tremulous variable phonation in case I. The application of protoiodide of mercury ointment to the outer surface in treating goitres has been recognized for years and years. If, In the judgment of this committee and' the board of managers, iprocreation is inadvisable and there is no probability of improvement it shall be lawful to perform such operation for the prevention of procreation as shall be decided safest and The New Jersey law covers rapists, idiots, imbeciles, morons, epileptics The provision of the laws passed in other states are similar to those of Indiana and New Jersey. These recover, however, much more readily than docs the optio nerve.

This fact, long since noticed by Morgagni, has been fully confirmed by the subsequent observa tions of ScEMMERiNG, Meckel, Otto, Au others, and furnishes an interesting topic for investigation. On the other hand, the loss of vitality dependent on nervous disturbance is seen in the rapid formation of bed-sores on the sacrum in cases of paraplegia ( ' Should the cough be harsh and dry the following prescription will be of service: After complete deferescence, as a tonic the following will be as good as any: With the foregoing treatment carried physician need fear pneumonic fever. During this time the other condylomata were not treated at all and showed no Bouchard admits that it is not quite certain how these infinitesimal doses produce their action. The man or woman who can do this oan be induced to any other moral or legal infraction if the price be made snfticiently high and freedom from detection be reasonabh' If a concrete illustration of the social destruction brought about by the causes above set forth is needed, we have it in the Ivepublic of France. Introduction of new instruments of precision such as the sphygomomanometer, and new methods such as the use of the roentgen rays in the diagnosis of diseases of the vital organs such as the heart, lungs and the gastro-intestinal tract, are refined procedures of technique as are the various tests for blood sugar, which have made possible a nicety in diagnosis which has previoqsly been unknown, indeed, hardly dreamed of. It cannot be said that about the production or the development of the habit in later years; but we must not overlook the fact that in early childhood the tendency of dosing children with narcotics brings about this craving in the system which is held in abeyance until the child arrives at the Journal of the American Medical Association several years ago, in which I discussed the psycho-physics of narcotism, putting alcohol on the same basis as other narcotics. This has been frequently observed in attempts at rectal feeding. In the first half of pregnancy, the maternal blood is separated from the fetal blood by the syncytium, Langban's layer of epithelia, the stroma of the vilh, and the capillary walls. She married at eighteen, and a year later had her first labor which was a hard one, and in which she sustained a bad laceration of the perineum.

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