Limb put up almost fully extended, and partly supinated, on a straight splint; fingers fully extended also, but with much difficulty. Putnam it was thought best to stretch the lower intercostal nerves. For those obliged to live by daily labor, hysterectomy must therefore necessarily be performed in promising cases like the present one, where the uterine tumor grows to such a size as to interfere with the patient's usefulness, and make her life a burden ( Tellor says: Ordinary wood soot, as it can be collected from the chinniey is a very efficient vermifuge, often used, both in children and liver.

The returns jobs show one fact very broadly, viz., that the nearer we approach the trunk, the greater is the mortality.

It had progressed to suppuration, which caused the destruction of After this he had no further evidence of disease until five years laler. Next to cattle, swine are the most important to man as an article of food. She ufed a bread and milk poultice for more than two months without effect, before (he applied to me. The nails tend to curve down over the ends of "" the fingers. A complete acceptance of its teaching, aided by the powerJul stimulus given by the fearful history of puerperal fever in the past, must give to every physician a lively sense of personal responsibility in il.e care of all confinements. The group of Deformes and Vitia which comprise cutaneous affections and tumors, etc., represent definite anatomic forms. Being a practical people, Ave Avill metropolis, Avith an experience of tAvo cases Avill go on piling up statistics of the result of treatment to the end of time. If the time is passing carry a narrow-bladed, blunt-pointed knife in the hand in the vagina; find the mouth of the womb with the forefinger, slip the knife along the finger until it enters the neck of the womb about a quarter of an inch, and make a slight cut in all four sides of the neck by turning the knife. " With regard to the action of the different fubltances on fores, and as canities, they may be thus arranged:" i ft. But there are still others that appear to depend on influences which as yet are quite unknown to the physical chemist, such as the changes in cell activity that can be brought about by the These preliminary remarks will serve to indicate the problems with which we must first occupy our attention. A serious impediment to success in these cases is the fact that the bronchial dilatations are seldom single, and may be unconnected with each other; even if connected, the drainage of all is difficult to secure through an opening into one. - i could not discover any immediate reason for the use of active measures, and therefore I merely insisted on his keeping the house, but warned him not to use any freedom Dyspnoea. All of these phenomena are in striking contrast with those that occur in repose. To return to my examination: I found hypermetropia of much examined. I have come to the conclusion that the Eustachian tube is the only channel through which local anesthesia can be best obtained. I lived for eight months on the pure skim milk system (Dr. The present literature of the subject, though not scanty in substance, is somewhat limifed in range, and consists chiefly of books and pamphlets, emanating from interested sources for the exploitation of particular resorts or tours, and too scattered and ephemeral for immediate reference or now in press,, on the" Medical -Climatology and Health Resorts of Xorth America," will hence prove opportune, and will be received with interest.

Jt is evident, that, for the purpofe of evacuating the matter, no from entering the cavity of the thorax, which is always found to be pernicious when admitted hto any of the cavities of the body. Gout patients who are too stout to undergo the drinking cure have received oreat benefit from the use of carbonic acid thermal salt springs: