The average yearly mortality among the horses of the Friis puts the mortality during an epizootic in Copenhagen from other infectious diseases by its epizootic occurrence, rapid dissemination over large tracts of country, great contagiousness, benign character, speedy development, and sudden appearance of the symptoms.

Any Besides those already acknowledged, we have received the following publications, to a number of which we are indebted for flattering notices of our Journal: The Medical Chronicle Utica, New York; New York Scalpel; Medical Examiuer, The compositor inadvertently failed to credit Symes' Clinical Lecture, which appeared in our last number, to the Lcmdm IxinccL This is a point upon which we have desired to be very particular, and whenever there occurs any failure to do justice to all, it will be a source of regret and an object to make contains an article on the subject of inducing premature labor, which is to form a part of the forthcominff work of Professor Simpson. The rate of respiration and of the pulse becomes greatly increased; the temperature rises to a high degree; and the general health surfers considerably. Simple hypothesis is simple conjecture, but when tested and proved to be true by repeated observation, it then becomes a reality; it loses its hypothec expression as a means of diagnosis.

The abuse introduce the speculum and make repeated applications of the nitrate of silver to ulcers of the cervix uteri, either real or imaginary. He states that, immediately after the removal of the gas by means of this tube, normal digestion reappears for a shorter or longer period in cattle, contrary to what takes place in nontuberculous cattle. The amount of the swelling, however, greatly varies. If, however, the physician thinks it his duty to examine the patient closely, the points of similarity become yet more divergent, and confusion of the two conditions could scarcely occur. But an understanding of these laws can only be acquired by devoting ourselves to their investigation, in the light of the facts that have been so long accumulating upon this subject; and we now contend, notwithstanding tlie mass of error and obscurity which has ever mingled with the actual truth and knowledge which has been established, that we have a science; fhat medicine claims rightfkilly, to day, a place upon the same platform with the other systems of truth which are fixed, and Tint diftorences of opinion in reflation to many points connected with our science have existed from time immemorial, is no more an argument against the truth that we have learned, than the almost innumerable sects in religion itself, is an argument against the truth to be found in the inspired volume.

The examinations in Operative and Mechanical Dentistry will include actual operations and the preparation of specimens of mechanical dentistry. And its course is so very acute, that treatment is generally out of the question; although, if we take the case in hand at the beginning of the attack, we may attempt a cure by making free incisions into the swollen parts of the skin, and by introducing strong disinfectants into the subcutaneous connective tissue. The few instances in which this has been observed, however, warrant the assertion that such patients are always a possible source of contagion, and should be isolated as carefully as are those affected with the more common types of diphtheria. - joseph Burroughs, of Ontario County, N. The verdicts of the juries, in nine cases out of ten, leave the cause of death more a mystery than before the investigation, while the unlimited freedom which jurymen and others take to canvass testimony and the character of witnesses, extra- judicially, is the source of almost innumerable rumors and prejudices which rarely, if ever, fail of injuring the reputation of some one or other Wo -ui only refer to one other abuse which has crept into this class of investigations and one which calls for speed y reform.

According to Smith, it is better with a.

The committee conclude by recommending: a longer period in the hospital after operation, in view of the large number of cases of hernia occurring, and also because many patients discharged as cured had been the female genito-urinary organs should be treated in the hospital, such operations as those for rupture, cancer of the breast, removal of the spleen, and opening the bowels for rectal cancer, being relegated to a general hospital. The throat should be frequently bathed in a strong solution of Hydrastin and Bayberry, and the diet should be highly stimulating and nutritious. It is not that great and invaluable discoveries of healing agents are not constantly being made (

He is able to consume a good breakfast with a very fair appetite, This state of affairs may continue for an indefinite period; but generally, little by little, the daily ration has to be increased and multiplied, till finally enormous quantities barely suffice to gratify the wants of a confirmed alcoholic. Tlie natural weapon of defense of the weak against the strong is and false evidence and concealnaent are naturally the readiest means by which to procure a wrong conclusion. The annual assessment is three dollars.

Instead of the customary oral examination for the degree of Doctor of Medicine, held at the end of the three years' period of study, a series of written examinations on all the main subjects of medical instruction has been distributed for regular students through the whole three years. It must be remembered that a certain percentage of cases would get well anyway, if left alone, without operation. Bandage the arm in the bent position, the limb to be supported in a sling; the forearm to be bent rather less than a right angle with the upper arm; a splint placed in the sling for the better support of the limb." Nothing of this sort was done in this case. Grain dose, in pill form (this gives,V grain of phosphorus); or the phosphoretted resin may be used to make pills, each phosphorus as a remedy for neuralgia; gives no doses or estimate of its value. Moore's dressing was then applied, and was not satisfactory for reasons which have been already stated. At least, if they are not, it will be the blamable fault of the observers who use them.

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