) Ptomaine e sostanze analogbe; sunto e traduzione dal compendio di tossicologia pratica. It was the means employed by the ancient Greeks to rid themselves of their political prisoners. It heals but slowly, and the ineffectual effort of the surrounding skin to form a cicatrix bounds the wound with a hardened bluish red border, preventing further epidermization.

On the other hand, the careless and inconsiderate mechanic will pick a shoe, and suit the hoof to the shoe, frequently paring the sole and crust to the quick; and often cutting it so thin that it will not hold the nails firmly, besides rendering the unprotected part of the foot liable to be punctured, and exposing the sole to pressure which may occasion lameness, and that too of a permanent character. A method of performing artificial Humphrey's Operation. ODlotomy, besides entirely obviating the risk of death from intestinal obstruction, affords relief from many of the usual symptoms of rectal cancer and retards the rate of increase of the growth. Other causes are pneumonia acute ai'ticular rheumatism, the various exanthemata, and especially lead, santonin, mercury, etc., may produce meningism; and the various toxins resulting from gastro-intestinal fermentation occasionally produce effects upon the nervous system which may in several respects causes, but it is also possible that many examples of so-called reflex meningism, as in constipation, intestinal parasites, etc., are really due to intestinal toxaemia. As in my first case, until some acute meningeal inflammation puts a merciful period to Bufferings which ait and science can do but little to mitigate. The urine showed presence of new albumin and indican; the sediment contained oxalate of lime. Bailey states that we have blood destruction, cell necrosis and fibrosis associated with amyloid, and that its deposition may be the result of destruction of cells, or both may be independent results of toxic action. Stated he had no pain, but was worried about it; the man was somewhat under influence of alcohol, and his story was doubted by all who heard the tale. Further, the early changes, slight swellings and oedema about the arytenoids, disappear after death. The aorta, with its numerous branches, when taking them as a whole, may be compared to a short but straggling and very branching shrub or dwarf tree, of luxuriant but extremely irregular growth. It is inconceivable that under the designation Bacillus pjeijferi is included a heterogeneous mixture of innumerable distinct races of bacteria; there must be some biological relation which cannot be estabUshed by agglutination, complement fixation, or opsonin reactions. A satire upon magnetism, attributed to Puder (Bruno). External markers depend on the image modalities and selected fiducials. This disease is in consequence of want of proper exercise, and being over-fed at the same time. The or longer, of acute symptoms, in whom there is considerable evidence of toxaemia as shown by the appearance and by marked acceleration higher. This head stand provides high accuracy micrometer adjustment in positioning the localized tumor target center to coincide with the system isocenter. The usual poinl of ligature is either immediately above or below tl r oid muscle. This variation depends upon the"amphoteric" reaction; that is, the relative amount of potassium biphosphate and of the two-thirds phosphate of potassium is disturbed. The hysteric invites examinations, as is "" well known to physicians in civil practice. By unanimous consent, it will be made part of the and scope, the financial experience that the program had. The point of junction of the subclavian and internal jugular veins is opposite the sterno-clavicular articulation. While horses in which the hock is the seat of injury will often lie down, those in which the elbow joint is affected will seldom do so unless completely tired out from standing. For in insufficient light the tendency to bring objects closer, and thereby increase the visual angle (and the convergence), is irresistible. But we also seem to have evidence that people who are past middle life can easily overdo on meat, and had better eat very little; by very little, If we take a tablespoonful of olive oil we are getting more food than if we took a large potato, for instance, because oil is a food which produces so much heat. The action on the stroma showed itself by the presence of young connective tissue penetrating and breaking up the tumour mass.

I am personally convinced by the figures submitted DISEASES OF THE GENERATIVE ORGANS Cancer of the uterus attacks elderly women as a rule, and is not apt to come, as fibroid tumors do, at any period of life. However, with a small treatment field stem, this error might cause complications simply because the penumbra region of the beam profile might cover part of the critical organ.

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