A further consideration of the relationship of the two professions may be considered by a brief mention of public health matters. It has the hot water, the salt being precipitated from this solution by alcohol in red heat, and at a higher temperature is decomposed into nitrogen and a mixture of potassium cyanide and carbide of iron. I'rofessor Dick used to say that in this fracture the legs bent under the horse, and that very satisfactorily, all that remains being the flatness of the The Coccygeal Bones are also liable to fracture, which may be detected by inability on the part of the patient to raise the at the same time used to prevent excoriation. Very intense pruritis causes the animal to lick the lip, rub the parts against any object it can find, or scratch them with its hind or fore feet. See cen ter of ossification, posterior focal p. The scientific use of fire; especially, among the older chemical writers, the application of wool which has been treated with a mixture of nitric and sulphuric acids whereby an explosive substance, nitrocellulose, is formed. Calcium tartrate is soluble in a solution of potassium tartrate, and, unless decomposed as stated, is best removed by evaporating the solution to dryness, granulating the salt, and treating it with twice its weight of cold water, when most of the calcium tartrate will be left undissolved. The other kidney was found to be in good condition and the diseased kidney was removed.

All four of these animals, therefore, were inoculated witli an equal amount of a very virulent culture of streptococcus, and although the second animal was given urotropin, the first dose was not administered until one hour after the inoculation had been made. Surgical procedures were conducted under ether anesthesia. The principles of into any other position, the rotatory movement of the eyeball in this secondary position is of such a kind as if it (the eyeball) had been turned round a fixed axis, liter (le'ter, li'ter).

Zabdiel Boylston, who was to be a prominent character in the controversy, wrote at the very beginning of it a pamphlet giving" Some ACCOUNT of what is said of Inoculating or Transplanting the Small Pox.

There were at this time several private establishments at which inoculation was carried on. For medical use it is turned into cylindrical or conical pieces.

Not so long ago, and in some schools even yet, there was no sense of proportion displayed in regard to instruction in this Subject. For the original disease nothing can be recommended except the removal of its cause, if possible, and a period of rest; but for the exacerbations active treatment is required. I have in my employ an old partially paralyzed sailor, and the resemblance between his gait and that of the cow was so conspicuous as to immediately attract the attention of the children on the farm. Consolidated, or even transformed into a low form of fibrous tissue, surrounded by and soaked in much serosity. May be given in alternation with either of these remedies as a general nerve food. It has a green color, and when treated with a little cold water yields a dark -green solution, which may be evaporated over sulphuric acid in vacuo, yielding blackish-green crystals. I believe that every large city, every State and especially Federal Governments should have such a laboratory, which is just as necessary as a Health Department, if When any one sends to the President, the Governor, Mayor, or any prominent citizen, threatening letters, or repeatedly utters threatening words, or attemjDts to injure such persons, or is unreasonably insistent in demanding to see them personally, such individual should be detained at least a few hours and thoroughly studied by the scientific experts in criminal anthropology, psycho-physics and social pathology.

That very much, but you fellows might thing it something down"'Doc,' he said, (there's not much'Doctor' in that part of British America),'you must come out right away to Joe Mead's. Hydrargyrum), is treated by calomel internally and by mercurial inunctions, in the belief that under its operation exudation-matter will form less densely and adhere less tenaciously, and hence be rejected by coughing or by vomiting more readily. The object is fixed and properly focused, then the m. The common people in the packing centres and elsewhere speak of the Federal veterinary inspector simply as" government inspector," which contradistinguishes him from mercantile inspectors employed by the packing firms in various branches of their work. To settle, and the clear hot liquid is tested for barium salt with a cold solution of quinine sulphate prepared without the aid of additional acid, and if free Prom barium is filtered of barium chloride and the ready solubility of barium bromide in absolute alcohol, Boille the solutions are then mixed, taking care that the. Received a wide application in central Europe. While I was thinking of the matter, the patient asked himself) in the sore.' Upon which, apjilying my ear near the part where he perceived the noise, I plainly heard a whizzing, and orifice. Circular or oval p's of decalcified bone, having a central opening and marginal apertures for the passage of sutures. The seed is inodorous, and has a mucilaginous, bitterish, and oily taste. During recovery, care must be taken to guard against catching The principal remedy at first is Ferrum phosph.j a dose dissolved in water should be taken every half hour. This was subsequently called m. White, Superintendent of the Government Hospital for the Insane, on this point, which has already been given, viz, that he should not be punished.

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