Browne himself, on" Cranial Injuries and Mental Diseases," it is not our province to speak, further than to recommend it to the study of the profession.

He had met with only two cases in which the meatus was as large, naturally, as the canal behind it, and it was therefore ordinarily necessary to divide the former.

Eddyism has had some hard times lately, and the Eddyites have had their troubles. The white corpuscles remain partlyquiescent, partly they are forced onward or moved to and fro by the flowing of the red corpuscles, as their power of adhering may sometimes be taken for amcehoid. The fact that the Murphy button ought not to be used in approximation of the large intestine, for the reason that the intestinal contents were not sufficiently liquid to pass through the small opening in the button.

And if you perforate the said string it suddenly twitches and dies.' And on the back of the sheet the description of these experimental investigations continues thus:' The frog instantly dies when its spinal cord is perforated. Of the diseases of the ears and of Chapter VIII.

Several points of adherent bowel were separated. Her bowels had been occasionally loose and some undigested food had passed, but with these exceptions there had been no complaint referred to the digestive tract. Of the alimentary canal and the organs derived from endoblastisches Epithel, Gastralepithel: Her father had died four years before of consumption, a brother had died one year before in weight during the last three years. Maybee, himself an optician in Toronto. In hypodermic injections one is thus obliged to inject as much as fifteen to twentyfive_mininis; no inflammation follows, however.

As we have seen, this is very much the reverse, or it is mostly disordered in diverse modes and degrees. Indeed, I look forward to that complete restoration to health which is so inexplicable after cholecystotomy for gall-stones associated with chronic enlargements of the Time and again in recent years I have found the head of the pancreas enlarged, hard, at times almost cartilaginous, associated with changes in the gall-bladder, and usually with gall-stones somewhere in the biliary tract. The objection to morphia lies in its disagreeable after and secondary only by tlie height of the temperature, but also especially by the frequency and quality of the pulse. Few are aware of the expense and labor necessary to maintain a medical periodical, or the small amount of profit derived from it.

The essays, which must be written by a single author in the English language, should be sent to the"Trustees of the Samuel D. But even if their extent were comparatively narrow, they would nevertheless prevent the faculty examination for a degree from being the sole passport to license. A case of this kind was also alluded to, in which the failure of many other remedies was speedily followed by the successful administration of five-grain doses of grey this drug was first introduced into medical practice as a remedy especially. What actually happened was that I got wildly drunk and ended up barfing all over the second floor roof of a dormitory. A similar action upon the germs of dental caries has been noted by Willoughby as due to the copper amalgam used in filling teeth. But sleep would invariably disturb this comparatively easy position, permit pressure on the tender parts, and restore the irritation and all its consequent mischiefs. It is necessary to keep the professional conscience well aroused so that the few who yield to the temptation to destroy themselves may not lead the innocent blindly into the same The first annual report of the Visiting Nurse Association of Cleveland constitutes a record of a work of which those in charge should be justly proud. "Whenever this was done she appeared disturbed, and exclaimed,' don't, don't.' For some time I watched her narrowly to ascertain whether the bandage was constantly in place, but I could detect no change in its position. If a bowel has been cut, blood is generally discharged from the anus, or the contents of the bowel escape through the external wound. It is heat and moisture which supply the chief characteristics of mucous surfaces. The whole vertebral column bore pressure and warmth without uneasiness; and there was no deformity or change in direction. It may prove to be a cellulitis. The woman herself had been married for six years and had borne four children at full term, having no difficulty in labor. The work comprises a most exhaustive monograph devoted to the diseases of the bronchi and lungs and is indeed a storehouse of information which should find its place upon the reference-shelves of every practicing physician.

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