If properly done, there is not the least danger of the admLxture of the spirits with the percolated menstruum, as the animal substance of the flies swells considerably under the prolonged influence of the spirits of wine, so that the same bulk will be insufficient to quite displace the ether.

A year later another similar but much larger growth was removed from the pelvis and in doing so the anterior crural nerve had to be sacrificed. Lenhartz and others have used them with encouraging though less palpable benefit in typhoid fever, pneumonia, dysentery, etc.

Defects of rare that physical culture would have prevented these of hernia, and certainly physical culture would not prevent hernia. In two cases the turbinal tissue prolapsed on middle of the mass and were cured by injection of caustics. In the presence of sugar a yellow or red precipitate is formed. If, at any subsequent period, the cyst becomes refilled its contents are to be dislodged in the same manner as before, and a wooden probe dipped in the tincture of iodine or almost any other irritating fluid, is to be carried through the puncture and applied to the inner walls of the sac. Of these, varicella, impetigo conta days by the speedy subsidence of swelling and rapid In consequence, therefore, of the mild character and short course of the pustular stage, secondary or suppurative fever is by no means a prominent symptom. Cleaveland, but want of space compels us to give only brief abstracts of them. Now, it is well known that an abscess will point in the direction of least resistence, hence, in case one forms near the anus, it will open into the bowel, constituting the internal blind variety; or through the skin, laying the foundation for the external incomplete or blind fistula. Even as recent a writer as Bowlby accepts the theory of the regeneration of the axis-cylinder from notion, at variance alike with histology, pathology, and embryology.

Mitchell's directions are carefully followed the great majority of cases of acute dementia will recover within nine to twelve For the other forms of dementia, unfortunately, there is no cure, the treatment resolving itself into attention to the general health, vidual lesions or objective phenomena must be obtained, as it is the aggregation of these lesions that constitutes the external manifestations of these affections and the basis of diagnosis. His verdict was:'' Cause As cases of eerebro-spinal meningitis seldom recover, the following case may Boy: aged eight, bright and very active; was taken with vague symptoms, headache, vomiting, and fever.

Hereafter we shall refer to such articles as are of special interest to our readers. It has been observed, clinically, that the immediate cause of death in chronic cere bral and spinal disease is to be found in an intercurrent attack of spine is indicated. It had long ago been shown bv Sir Astley Cooper that compression of the carotids and consequent anemia fact.

The cor bovinum of the old writers is an enormous hypertrophy of the heart with dilatation of its cavities. Decoctions of other diuretic herbs may be used for the same purpose.

We have just seen that he calls life"a result of organization." In another place he says it"would be unmeaning and nonsensical to call life a property of organization;"- he ridicules"those who think it impossible that the living organic structures should have vital properties without some extrinsic aid," and declares that"just in the same proportion as organization is reduced, life is reduced; exactly as the organic parts are diminished in number and simplified, the vital phenomena become fewer and more simj)le; and each function ends when the respective organ ceases."" The crude and uncertain character of the biological views of Hunter, Humboldt, and many other savants who have indeliljly stamped with the due to their ignorance of the true biological method. It is an arbitrary criterion which does not take into account physiological facts, such as the appetite, digestibility, etc., nor of clinical experience which can do without the question of calories but not of the nitrogen content.

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