Fection without the appendix, not stopping to think there were plenty of bacteria in the remaining part of the appendix even if the cut end had been touched with carbolic acid and this source of infection was only covered or housed in, so as to affoi"d the bacteria plenty of nourishment, as you would cover a grain of corn you wished to germinate. Aguadulce has recently created a small but adequate hospital and in cooperation with Pocri, a neighboring village, has recently erected a sanitary abattoir. The local treatment is that of simple acute pharyngitis. An hour later the patient became unconscious, th" the pupils contracted, but reacting to light, the tongue dry. Digest for four hours, and then boil operation ia tonic and demulcent. Revision of the British Pharmacopoeia it was recognized as an official drug. Rooms, and laboratories as regards light, both natural and artificial, heat, supply in Commons and boarding the student's physical status; his present condition and tendencies in the light of his past e.xperience as shown supervision of his participation in of protective vaccinations, inoculations, etc. But it goes a great deal further than that, for health has a direct bearing upon the quality of the product and the outijut of the factory. It is also much used where black oil cannot be applied because of the unsightliness or other damage it causes. Benevolent Fund and to the Royal Medical Benevolent College.

He should llilce to know why electrolysis was not employed in the cases just Idetailed.

Heretofore been willing to assume the responsibility involved, or which might be involved in particular cases, and that the compilers of the Pharmacopoeia might be held responsible for having authorized it, has always acted deterrently. A study, therefore, of various groups of the population and of particular industries will show that instead of advance many centers of A case in point is that of the granite workers in the state of Vermont. This region is also a convenient halting place for those going to or returning from the lower South.

Kingsley oi the private practice of cardiology, Valenti at Howard County General Hospital, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in July, following completion of internal medicine residency training at Maryland. He received two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star, and he was discharged with the rank of captain.

But if a reftridion is neceliary, linkedin and I am of opinion it is; let the great feminaries be privileged to offer candidates, viz. JiTer, with glycero-gelatine cast of the same. Jntinement, about a mouth ago, a person whose husband a year previously had Ithough under proper treatment, the disease was very obstinate: yet, after iree or four months course of mercury, she got much better.

An epithat for aararal nadiainaa, mantiODad by tialsn, Paqlu of JBgiat,.Smptiati alvm, ReooDimcddod by HippaomMa. Saturday morning he took a dose of castor oil; Saturday afternoon three compound cathartic pills; Saturday night his landlady advised three grain.s of calomel; the following Sunday morning about six seidlitz powders were taken, two at a dose, two hours between doses.

This should be borne in mind when considering the prognosis and possibility of recurrence. We have maintained wards for the care of the tuberculous at Riverside hospital, North Hospital in the Borough of Brookljii, and the Municipal Sanitarium at Otisville, Orange county, New York. In the case of severe necrosis the mortality seems to range in the neighborhood of forty-five per cent.

The iodine passes over and ia eondeased. Wbareitrorma it reeeiraa ths mtilinn rrpiallr, aaoendi along tha aoaUiniral deurlpllon of tha baad.