I did nothing but administer quinine and whisky of treatment will correspond to the ability of the physician to sustain cardiac action, peristalsis, and establish thorough cinchonism, therefore three vital principles devolve upon the practitioner: purgation, cinchonism and stimulation; the former will not infrequently be found impossible, until the paresis yields to the two latter principles, which sometimes will occur when rigidly pursued. Hemorrhage, as a rule, results from the separation I of a slough in an ulcer; in other instances' from the margin or surface of an ulcer devoid of a slough, and perhaps in exceptional instances from an engorged mucosa, all of: which conditions point to actual or threatj ened bowel lesion.

The pungent root is used in paralysis, intermittent fevers, hepatic and splenic diseases, dropsy, hysteria, and epilepsy, and as a rubefacient and vesicant. Each style in one wallet-shaped book, with pocket, pencil and rubber. In these fifteen classes, one hundred natural orders are arranged; containing one thousand seven hundred and fifty-four genera. In Saccardo's system, it is distinguished as a genus from Micrococcus, not only by the moniliform threads, but artificial culture medium, and soon loses its pathogenic power S.

The liver was large and fatty. This tumor was hard and resistant in most of its extent, and was very large, occupying almost the entire abdominal cavity. Exercises have been adopted at many hospitals in England, and with very gratifying results. This tree in his Catalogue of Medicinal Plants, in the London Botanic Garden, calls it laurus Malabathrum. This bactericidal power depends upon phagocytosis and the alexins (Buchner) which are present in the lymph and serum, and are elaborated by the leucocytes. Among women it is apt to accompany any disorder of the sexual apparatus. The inferior vena cava receives the blood principally from the abdomen and lower extremities, and very little from the parts above the diaphragm. Darwin, it is said, was a Brunonian before Brown was known: in reality, his language is in some parts nearly the same, but his practice, though peculiar, most remote; and, if the analogy is pushed further, the term should at least be altered, and the system styled Darwinian. In these, and in the diseases of some other orders, where debility is the cause, the bark may be employed; and, indeed, it is constantly used, though not always with As an antiseptic the bark has been highly commended; and in gangrenes, as well as in every case where the fluids are putrescent, it has been chiefly depended on. It will be noticed that"It is impossible for anyone to have a correct idea of the lack of sanitation in Havana without an actual inspection of the premises and streets. Occasionally other complications of alcoholism are seen in neuritis, alcoholic epilepsy and epileptic mania, brought on by overindulgence in spirituous liquors.

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There were no subjective svmptoms. First week of the fever nicely but by the end of the second week both lungs became years.

Ordinarily in appendicitis, the pain, tenderness, and swelling are limited to the spot just above and within the crest of the right ilium and only rarely can the exudate be perceived through the vagina, in which case it may be difficult to distinguish it from perisalpingitis, adherent pyosalpinx, or pelvic cellulitis. Pratt, Justice of New of Mental Defect and Disease to Criminal Responsibility," by Louis E.

These were both severe cases of typhoid fever. He further adds, that this fever attacks in the night, whence the patient, under the notion of green fields, runs into the sea before any one is aware, so that few of these cases occur to observation. The diagnosis between pus and serum in the pericardial sac can only be made by an exploratory puncture with a trocar or an aspirating needle; the best point for using such instruments being in the left xiphoid fossa, close to the angle where the xiphoid cartilage and the seventh costal cartilage unite.

CONSU'MPTIO, (from consume, to ivaste away"). The involvement of the ovaries in some cases of mumps may mean, not a phvsiologic connection, but a bacteriologic similarity between the organs at fault. Distributed to the muscles of the tongue and to some of the muscles of the neck. On the day after admission the urine was blood-red, with a few granular casts, a little albumin, some the albumin and hemoglobin disappeared frorn the urine.

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