Raising the first leaf presents the iris, with its surrounding ciliary muscle pierced by the long anterior ciliary nerves; the anterior choroidal surface, and external plexus vasculosa are shown. We very much regret, however, that the question as to the part which our Trofession takes in the unnecessary recommendation of wet-nurses was not discussed. The case occupied three hours and a-half. The same will hold true for gastroscopy. A complete embalming outfit has been provided and will be in charge review of an instructed hospital steward. I have met in these forty-six cases some rare complications, of which I desire to good health with the exception of a rather obstinate constipation. I think it is now a matter for the Council to take up the report where they left off before, and take such action on it as they think proper. Now, we said at the Medical Association some days ago, that we had a I was too high; the treasurer had omitted to take into consideration some expenses that should have been included, however, I will now give you some of the figures, which I think are correct as at present. The same considerations apply for and against the search for and removal of the appendix, in localized peritonitis with abscess formation. When only small amounts are desired (blood counts, haemoglobin estimations, fresh blood slides, smear preparations) sufficient can be obtained by puncture of the finger-tip or the lobule of the ear with a needle or the point of a small scalpel after thorough cleansing with ether and drying. I so expressed myself at the time, but stated then as there seemed such a strong conviction against the correctness of my conclusion that I should like to have more facts from him in relation to his case. The subjects of the disease are usually children, most frequently males, who are generally strumous or in feeble health, the result of a recent attack of some specific disease, as scarlet fever, measles, etc_ The immediate exciting cause is now known to be the fungus, designated staphyloccocus pyogenes aureus. In the way of medication he gave bismuth, Dover's powder, and soda, with the object of neutralizing the acidity of the blood, of calming the abnormal action of the glands of the large intestines, and of rendering the canal sweet and free from decomposition. The sulphites are highly lauded, as also is charcoal. After the points of the needle liave passed out through the skin, the forceps may be again employed to draw it into the proper position and adjust it for the fastener (a). I have prepared the following table to illustrate, at a glance, the diseases which have been so fruitful during the year in swelling the amount of mortality among children, together with the number of deaths from each source, and the monthly periods when they proved most fatal.

Six hours later, the symptoms had become more urgent, and the vomitting stercoraceous; and Mr.

The committee determined that a full-service plan should be continued and that the executive sub-committee should work up fee schedules to be considered. He never rallied, and died on the feeble power, and his muscles were found to be infested with trichina spiralis.

Occassionally a patient can be taught to use the tube, and if he will persist he soon comes to like the treatment.

At the toast" Prosperity to the Society," the President dwelt upon the very great amount of good done by the Society, and instanced an application which has been recently made to the Society, in which a from its funds, the sum lessening of course as the children expended during the last year upon thirty-nine widows and twenty-two orphans. De la Camp, however, was able to demonstrate such a difference. Belfield says,"with the vague unfavorable verdict of those who, having once or twice misused the current, attribute to the battery the faults which belong to themselves." The celebrated Dr.

The patient, sixty-five years of age, was brought to my service at the Presbyterian Hospital suffering from persistent uncontrollable diarrhea.

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