Recently she had begun to complain of a left-sided abdominal pain, which had a tendency to spread over to the right side. Plates made after an interval of several hours generally show a progressive increase in the number Poured after thirty-six hours: In five cultures in which the oxalate method was alone employed the streptococcus was isolated without difficulty in marked a multiplication as the streptococcus in our nine positive infections there was evidence of increase in number of pneumococci in the majority of instances. Stokes upon the following method of enumeration. On the other hand, they distinctly indicate a depressing action on the spinal cord; by this action the power of the cord to transmit impressions is destroyed, and, necessarily, the power of transmitting the nervous influence to the iris.

A method is desirable by which the search may be prosecuted even in thicker layers of the material to be examined.

Outside of the larger European laryngeal clinics, large tumors of the larynx of any character are of extreme rarity and, even in the pubHc institutions of America, are so seldom seen that when a patient appears, not only the special surgeons of these institutions, but all who can come are usually invited to inspect the case. It is true that it decreases the coagulation time and lowers the phagocytic power of the leucocytes, and slightly diminishes the hemoglobin. He made a plea for tracheotomy in cases of edema of the larynx, and reported an instance in which he temporized in the afternoon by simply puncturing the edema, the patient dying that night before help could reach him. In twentyfive cultures in which both methods were used, twenty-one showed growth in some media of each set. Only one meningococcus strain responded to the action of pseudomeningococcus immune serum and the extent of this reaction does not exceed that produced by normal serum.

In only one third of all cases were the glands involved, and in these the outlook was hope less whatever operation was employed. Loeb had reported one case of spontaneous cure.

At that time guards were despatched from several Daimios to Kyoto to act as protectors of the Imperial Palace, and my father being one of them stayed there for over a vear. The Department of Education held the Department of Health to the task of preventing as much contagion as was possible from following classes of cases were examined: Those isolated on account of suspected contagion, those who had been absent for several days, and those excluded from schools. In some of the more extensively ulcerated cases, roughly determined by the amount of blood and mucus present in the stools, more rapid results were obtained by the use of a stronger solution. Associated with these mental deformities are many physical stigmata of degeneracy, such as facial and cranial asymmetry, informed and unevenly placed ears, defects and abnormalities of the palate, asymmetrical limbs, etc. It may be the toilet at one time, a cup at another, left at some point within easy reach; and in addition there is the necessity of arising several times at night. Thus, from a general survery of present conditions, the complexity of the problems seem to bar the hope that a specific treatment of cancer will shortly become of practical importance.

It regulates irregularly beating hearts, increases heart action with increasing doses, and in large doses additions, especially the digitisaponin, which irritates the mucous membrane and which is present in the infusion and in digipuratum.

The mentality is clear but deficient and imperfectly developed no abnormality. At any rate, the facts are as follows, as stated by the author: Eight patients were operated upon while suffering from total anuria, and three from partial anuria, making a mortality of eleven deaths in twenty-one cases, or fifty-two per cent, operated upon for anuria. Sheehan of New Haven, by William F. Solon, in ancient Athens, founded hrothels and put them under the control of the State, hoping thereby to protect the virtue and purity of the Athenian women from assault and insult, and to safeguard the youth of Dufour tells us, in his History of Prostitution, that it was the fear of venereal diseases which was chiefly responsible for the great prevalence of.sexual perversions during the days of ancient Greece It is a question whether the epidemic, termed hies inguinaria. Sale at the Medical Journal Office. Samides of our Preparations fyunished free to the Profession on application. Physicians, by ordering Liebig's Extract of Meat of La Plata, may rest assured of having the jturest Extract of Meat th;it can be prepared.

Kaidash, head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at Vishnevsky Surgery Institute, wearing a gift: a scrub shirt as a human being with a different way of looking at the world.

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